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Faculty Contact
Qingyao Ai Assistant Professor
Office: MEB
Phone: n/a
Email: n/a
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Research Interests
Informational Retrieval, Machine Learning
Rajeev Balasubramonian Professor
Office: MEB 3414
Phone: 801.581.4553
Email: rajeev@cs.utah.edu
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Research Interests
Computer architecture, multi-core processors, memory hierarchy bottlenecks, instruction-level parallelism, power-efficient processor
Martin Berzins Professor
Office: WEB 4803
Phone: 801-585-1545
Email: mb@cs.utah.edu
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Research Interests
My research area is the study of novel computational algorithms for the numerical solution of partial differential equations (p.d.e.s).
Aditya Bhaskara
Aditya Bhaskara Assistant Professor
Office: 3470 MEB
Phone: n/a
Email: bhaskara@cs.utah.edu
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Research Interests
Theoretical computer science and machine learning.
Mahdi Bojnordi
Mahdi Bojnordi Assistant Professor
Office: 3418 MEB
Phone: 801-585-9570
Email: bojnordi@cs.utah.edu
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Research Interests
Computer architecture, new memory technologies, high-performance memory systems, and energy-efficient computing.
Richard Brown
Richard Brown Dean of Engineering and Professor
Office: WEB 1692
Phone: 801.585.7498
Email: brown@utah.edu
Research Interests
Chemical Sensors; Neural Interfaces; Electronic Circuit Clocking; Circuit Design; High Performance Microprocessors; Mixed Signal Microprocessors; Biomedical Implants.
Erik Brunvand
Erik Brunvand Associate Professor
Office: MEB 3142
Phone: 801.581.4345
Email: elb@cs.utah.edu
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Research Interests
Computer architecture and VLSI systems
Rogelio Cardona-Rivera
Rogelio Cardona-Rivera Assistant Professor
Office: MEB 3450
Phone: n/a
Email: rogelio@cs.utah.edu
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Research Interests
Computational psychology, artificial intelligence, game design, interactive narrative
Elaine Cohen
Elaine Cohen Professor
Office: WEB 2891
Phone: 801.581.8235
Email: cohen@cs.utah.edu
Research Interests
Problems in modeling, graphics, and visualization which require geometric computation and analysis.
Tamara Denning
Tamara Denning Assistant Professor
Office: MEB 3446
Phone: 801.581.3676
Email: tdenning@cs.utah.edu
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Research Interests
Security and Privacy, Human-Centric Computing
Matthew Flatt
Matthew Flatt Professor
Office: MEB 3256
Phone: 801.587.9091
Email: mflatt@cs.utah.edu
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Research Interests
Practical and theoretical aspects of programming languages and programming environments.
Ganesh Gopalakrishnan
Ganesh Gopalakrishnan Professor
Office: MEB 3428
Phone: 801.581.3568
Email: ganesh@cs.utah.edu
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Research Interests
Dynamic formal verification of message passing (MPI) and thread programs, formal analysis/verification of protocols, Verification tool development
Mary Hall
Mary Hall Professor
Office: MEB 3252
Phone: 801.585.1039
Email: mhall@cs.utah.edu
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Research Interests
Our research focuses on compiler-based approaches to obtaining high performance on state-of-the-art and experimental architectures, including multi-cores
Chuck Hansen
Chuck Hansen Distinguished Professor
Office: WEB 4692
Phone: 801.581.3154
Email: hansen@cs.utah.edu
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Research Interests
Visualization, computer graphics, parallel computation, computer vision
Tom Henderson
Tom Henderson Professor
Office: WEB 2871
Phone: 801.581.3601
Email: tch@cs.utah.edu
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Research Interests
The long range goals of my research are to contribute to the understanding of human intelligence and to participate in the development of intelligent machine systems.
Tucker Hermans
Tucker Hermans Assistant Professor
Office: MEB 2164
Phone: 801.581.8122
Email: thermans@cs.utah.edu
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Research Interests
Autonomous learning and perception in robots
John Hollerbach
John Hollerbach Professor
Office: MEB 2196A
Phone: 801.585.6978
Email: jmh@cs.utah.edu
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Research Interests
Robotics, teleoperation, virtual reality, and human motor control
Peter Jensen
Peter Jensen Associate Professor, Lecturer
Office: MEB 3148
Phone: 801.585.9418
Email: pajensen@cs.utah.edu
Research Interests
Christopher Johnson
Christopher Johnson Distinguished Professor
Office: WEB 3850
Phone: 801.581.7705
Email: crj@sci.utah.edu
Research Interests
Scientific Computing and Visualization
David Johnson
David Johnson Assistant Professor, Lecturer
Office: MEB 3146
Phone: 801.585.1726
Email: dejohnso@cs.utah.edu
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Research Interests
Geometric computation, haptics, robotics, educational research
Ben Jones
Ben Jones Assistant Professor, Lecturer
Office: MEB 3120
Phone: n/a
Email: benjones@cs.utah.edu
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Research Interests
Computer graphics, physical simulation
Sneha Kasera
Sneha Kasera Professor
Office: MEB 3408
Phone: 801.581.4541
Email: kasera@cs.utah.edu
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Research Interests
Networks and systems - technologies, protocols and applications encompassing mobile and pervasive systems and wireless networks, network security and reliability
Ladislav Kavan
Ladislav Kavan Assistant Professor
Office: 3118 MEB
Phone: n/a
Email: ladislav@cs.utah.edu
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Research Interests
Computer graphics and animation.
Bob Kessler
Bob Kessler Professor
Office: MEB 3146
Phone: 801.581.4653
Email: kessler@cs.utah.edu
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Research Interests
Systems software and software engineering
Mike Kirby
Mike Kirby Associate Director & Professor
Office: WEB 3602
Phone: 801.585.3421
Email: kirby@cs.utah.edu
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Research Interests
Scientific computing and visualization
Marina Kogan
Marina Kogan Assistant Professor
Office: MEB 2174
Phone: n/a
Email: kogan@cs.utah.edu
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Research Interests
Crisis informatics, social computing, and network science.
Daniel Kopta
Daniel Kopta Assistant Professor, Lecturer
Office: MEB 3124
Phone: n/a
Email: dkopta@cs.utah.edu
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Research Interests
Ray tracing, computer graphics, computer architecture
Alexander Lex
Alexander Lex Assistant Professor
Office: WEB 3887
Phone: TBA
Email: alex@sci.utah.edu
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Research Interests
Interactive data visualization especially applied to molecular biology and pharmacology.
Feifei Li
Feifei Li Professor
Office: MEB 3464
Phone: 801.585.6673
Email: lifeifei@cs.utah.edu
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Research Interests
Database systems and large-scale data management systems for various data sources, formats, applications, and data processing environments. Security issues in data management.
Miriah Meyer
Miriah Meyer Associate Professor, USTAR
Office: WEB 4887
Phone: 801.585.7045
Email: miriah@cs.utah.edu
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Research Interests
Designing visualization systems that support exploratory, complex data analysis tasks for scientific research
Pavel Panchekha
Pavel Panchekha Assistant Professor
Email: n/a
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Research Interests
Programming language techniques to meet challenges from all areas of computer science
Erin Parker
Erin Parker Associate Professor, Lecturer
Office: MEB 3144
Phone: n/a
Email: parker@cs.utah.edu
Research Interests
Valerio Pascucci
Valerio Pascucci Professor
Office: WEB 4646
Phone: 801.587.9885
Email: pascucci@sci.utah.edu
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Research Interests
Computer graphics, computational geometry, geometric programming, and solid modeling
Jeff Phillips
Jeff Phillips Associate Professor
Office: MEB 3442
Phone: 801.585.7775
Email: jeffp@cs.utah.edu
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Research Interests
Algorithms for Data Analytics: Handling Uncertainty, Computational Geometry, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Computational Statistics, Databases
Zvonimir Rakamaric
Zvonimir Rakamaric Associate Professor
Office: MEB 3424
Phone: 801.581.6139
Email: zvonimir@cs.utah.edu
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Research Interests
Formal methods for analysis and verification of complex systems, practical, highly automatic, and scalable formal verification techniques for software
Srikumar Ramalingam
Srikumar Ramalingam Associate Professor
Office: MEB 3464
Phone: n/a
Email: srikumar@cs.utah.edu
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Research Interests
Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Robotics (Autonomous Driving applications), and Discrete Optimization
John Regehr
John Regehr Professor
Office: MEB 3268
Phone: 801.581.4280
Email: regehr@cs.utah.edu
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Research Interests
Embedded systems, sensor networks, static analysis, real-time systems, operating systems
Ellen Riloff
Ellen Riloff Professor
Office: MEB 3140
Phone: 801.581.7544
Email: riloff@cs.utah.edu
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Research Interests
Natural language processing, information retrieval, and artificial intelligence
Ponnuswamy (Saday) Sadayappan
Ponnuswamy (Saday) Sadayappan Professor
Office: MEB 3458
Phone: n/a
Email: saday@cs.utah.edu
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Research Interests
Compiler optimization for high performance computing, domain-specific compile/runtime optimization and data movement complexity of computations
Varun Shankar
Varun Shankar Assistant Professor, Lecturer
Office: MEB 3112
Phone: n/a
Email: shankar@cs.utah.edu
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Research Interests
Radial basis function, immersed boundary methods
Vivek Srikumar
Vivek Srikumar Assistant Professor
Office: MEB 3126
Phone: 801.587.5681
Email: svivek@cs.utah.edu
Google Scholar
Research Interests
Machine Learning; Natural Language Processing
James de St. Germain
James de St. Germain Associate Professor, Lecturer
Office: MEB 3190 B
Phone: 801.585.3352
Email: germain@cs.utah.edu
Research Interests
Reverse Engineering and Constraint Optimization, Artificial Intelligence, technological aids for education
Ryan Stutsman Assistant Professor
Office: MEB 3436
Phone: 801.585.0913
Email: stutsman@cs.utah.edu
Google Scholar
Research Interests
Distributed Systems, Operating Systems, and Databases
Blair Sullivan
Blair Sullivan Associate Professor
Office: MEB 3464
Phone: n/a
Email: sullivan@cs.utah.edu
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Research Interests
Parameterized algorithms, structural graph theory, applied discrete mathematics, random graphs, and combinatorial scientific computing
Hari Sundar
Hari Sundar Assistant Professor
Office: MEB 3454
Phone: 801.585.9913
Email: hari@cs.utah.edu
Google Scholar
Research Interests
Parallel algorithms; scientific computing; inverse problems; soft tissue and cardiovascular mechanics; image analysis
Kobus Van der Merwe
Kobus Van der Merwe Associate Professor
Office: MEB 3490 D
Phone: 801.581.3012
Email: kobus@cs.utah.edu
Google Scholar
Research Interests
Networking systems research including network management, control and operation, mobile networking, network evolution, network security and cloud computing.
Suresh Venkatasubramanian
Suresh Venkatasubramanian Professor
Office: MEB 3404
Phone: 801.581.8233
Email: suresh@cs.utah.edu
Google Scholar
Research Interests
I work in algorithms and computational geometry, with a current focus on data mining and large-data (and large-dimension) geometric questions.
Bei Wang
Bei Wang Phillips Assistant Professor
Office: WEB 4608
Phone: 801.585.0968
Email: beiwang@sci.utah.edu
Research Interests
Topological data analysis, scientific visualization, information visualization, computational topology, computational geometry, computational biology and bioinformatics, machine learning, and data mining.
Ross Whitaker
Ross Whitaker Director and Professor
Office: WEB 3893
Phone: 801.587.9549
Email: whitaker@cs.utah.edu
Google Scholar
Research Interests
Image processing, medical image analysis, data analysis and visualization, geometry processing
Jason Wiese
Jason Wiese Assistant Professor
Office: MEB 3114
Phone: N/a
Email: wiese@cs.utah.edu
Google Scholar
Research Interests
Personal data, HCI
R. Michael Young
R. Michael Young Professor, EAE
Office: MEB 3122
Phone: n/a
Email: young@cs.utah.edu
Google Scholar
Research Interests
Artificial Intelligence, Video games, Interactive narrative
Cem Yuksel
Cem Yuksel Assistant Professor, USTAR
Office: MEB 3116
Phone: 801.581.4439
Email: cem@cemyuksel.com
Google Scholar
Research Interests
Computer Graphics -- physically-based simulation, image synthesis, GPU algorithms.
Joe Zachary
Joe Zachary Professor, Lecturer
Office: MEB 3190A
Phone: 801.581.7079
Email: zachary@cs.utah.edu
Research Interests
I do research into the application of computers to education, and I teach extensively at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
Mu Zhang
Mu Zhang Assistant Professor
Office: MEB 2168
Phone: n/a
Email: muzhang@cs.utah.edu
Google Scholar
Research Interests
Computer security
Shandian Zhe
Shandian Zhe Assistant Professor
Office: MEB 3466
Phone: n/a
Email: zhe@cs.utah.edu
Google Scholar
Research Interests
Probabilistic graphical models, Bayesian nonparametric, approximate inference, Bayesian deep learning, sparse learning, large-scale machine learning and kernel methods.

 Research Faculty

Michael Adams
Michael Adams Research Assistant Professor
Office: MEB 3440
Phone: n/a
Email: adamsmd@cs.utah.edu
Research Interests
Programming languages with an emphasis on types, static analysis, control-flow analysis, syntax, parsing and compilers
Eric Eide
Eric Eide Research Associate Professor
Office: MEB 3476
Phone: 801.585.5512
Email: eeide@cs.utah.edu
Google Scholar
Research Interests
Trustworthy systems software, programming languages, compilers, software testing, security, digital forensics, testbeds, and reproducible research
Shireen Elhabian
Shireen Elhabian Research Assistant Professor
Office: WEB 2857
Phone: 801.581.8835
Email: shireen@sci.utah.edu
Google Scholar
Research Interests
Statistical shape analysis, subspace learning, generative image and shape modeling, geometric and photometric object representation
Robert Ricci
Robert Ricci Research Associate Professor
Office: MEB 3490B
Phone: 801.581.8354
Email: ricci@cs.utah.edu
Google Scholar
Research Interests
Operating systems, networking, storage systems, parallelism in systems software, distributed systems, combinatorial optimization, security, embedded systems
Eliane Wiese
Eliane Wiese Research Assistant Professor
Office: MEB 3264
Phone: n/a
Email: eliane.wiese@utah.edu
Google Scholar
Research Interests
Computer science education, computational thinking, educational technology, human-computer interaction (HCI)

 Adjunct Faculty

 Emeritus Faculty

Jake Abbott
Jake Abbott Adjunct Associate Professor
Office: MEK 2016
Phone: 801.585.6672
Email: jake.abbott@utah.edu
Google Scholar
Research Interests
Wireless magnetic control of microrobots, Medical robotics, Telemanipulation of novel systems, Haptics
David Bean
David Bean Adjunct Assistant Professor
Office: 3409 MEB
Phone: n/a
Email: bean@cs.utah.edu
Research Interests
Natural Language Processing
Sarah Creem-Regehr
Sarah Creem-Regehr Adjunct Professor
Office: BEHS 1003
Phone: 801.581.5045
Google Scholar
Research Interests
Cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying space perception and spatial cognition, perception and action, spatial transformations and motor imagery, embodied cognition
Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon
Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon Adjunct Assistant Professor
Office: MEB 2126
Phone: 801.585.3422
Google Scholar
Research Interests
Development of novel computing systems exploiting emerging device technologies and novel EDA techniques
Sarang Joshi
Sarang Joshi Adjunct Professor
Office: 3692 WEB
Phone: (801) 587-7961
Email: sjoshi@sci.utah.edu
Google Scholar
Research Interests
Computational Anatomy, Medical Imaging, Computer Vision
Jens Krüger
Jens Krüger Adjunct Assistant Professor
Office: na
Phone: na
Email: jens@sci.utah.edu
Google Scholar
Research Interests
The High Performance Computing Group carries out fundamental and applied research on various aspects of high performance computing, interactive simulation
Chris Myers
Chris Myers Adjunct Professor
Office: MEB 4112A
Phone: 801.581.6490
Email: myers@ece.utah.edu
Research Interests
Asynchronous circuit design
Neal Patwari
Neal Patwari Adjunct Associate Professor
Office: MEB 3120
Phone: 801.581.5917
Email: npatwari@ece.utah.edu
Google Scholar
Research Interests
Sensing and Processing Across Networks (SPAN) lab, statistical signal processing applied to wireless networks, radio channel signal processing - when the radio network is a sensor itself
Glenn Ricart
Glenn Ricart Adjunct Assistant Professor
Office: na
Phone: na
Email: na
Research Interests
Robert Shakespeare
Robert Shakespeare Adjunct Assistant Professor
Office: na
Phone: na
Email: na
Research Interests
Lighting theatre, dramatic architectural environments, historic register interiors, art and museum galleries, and lighting installations.
Jeanine Stefanucci
Jeanine Stefanucci Adjunct Assistant Professor
Office: BEHS 1031
Phone: 801.585.7895
Email: jeanine.stefanucci@psych.utah.edu
Google Scholar
Research Interests
Better understanding if a person’s bodily states, whether emotional, physiological, or physical, and their bodily size modulates their judgments of spatial layout (e.g., distance, slopes, height, and size).
Kenneth Stevens
Kenneth Stevens Adjunct Associate Professor
Office: MEB 4506
Phone: 801.585.9176
Email: kstevens@ece.utah.edu
Research Interests
Next Generation Circuits and Systems, VLSI, asynchronous circuit design and architecture, timing analysis, and formal verification
Matthew Stoker
Matthew Stoker Adjunct Assistant Professor
Office: MEB n/a
Phone: n/a
Email: matt.stoker@gmail.com
Research Interests
Mobile Appications
James Sutherland
James Sutherland Adjunct Associate Professor
Office: INCC 360
Phone: 801.585.1246
Google Scholar
Research Interests
Combustion simulation. Specific areas of research interest include multiscale turbulence/chemistry interaction, software design for CFD applications, smart algorithm and model design.
Tolga Tasdizen
Tolga Tasdizen Adjunct Assistant Professor
Office: WEB 3887
Phone: 801.581.3539
Email: tolga@sci.utah.edu
Google Scholar
Research Interests
Image processing and pattern recognition, - image neighborhoods and context for image registration and segmentation; and variational methods and level-sets for volume restoration, reconstruction and segmentation
Jeff Weiss
Jeff Weiss Adjunct Professor
Office: WEB 2602
Phone: 801.587.7874
Email: jeff.weiss@utah.edu
Google Scholar
Research Interests
Experimental and Computational Biomechanics, with applications in Orthopaedics and Cardiovascular Mechanics, Mechanics of Angiogenesis, Mechanotransduction
Anders Ynnerman
Anders Ynnerman Adjunct Professor
Office: n/a
Phone: n/a/td>
Email: n/a
Google Scholar
Research Interests
Computer graphics and visualization, in particular large scale and complex data sets with a focus on volume rendering and multi-modal interaction.
Name Rank Phone
Al Davis Professor Emeritus n/a
David Hanscom Professor Emeritus n/a
Lee Hollaar Professor Emeritus n/a
Gary Lindstrom Professor Emeritus n/a
Rich Riesenfeld Professor Emeritus n/a
Kent Smith Professor Emeritus n/a
Frank Stenger Professor Emeritus n/a
William Thompson Professor Emeritus n/a