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Ganesh Gopalakrishnan
Professor, Computer Science,
University of Utah,
50 S Central Campus Dr, Room 3428 MEB,
Salt Lake City, UT 84112-9205

Email : firstname at    c s  o u t a h o e d u
Phone: (801) 581-3568
Fax:     (801) 581-5843

Full name: Ganesh Lalitha Gopalakrishnan


ACM Distinguished Speaker: TALKS available


  • (Center for Parallel Computing (CPU): Publications, Software, People, ...)
  • (FV Research Group: Publications, Software, People, ...)

    CLASS FOR FALL 2019: CS 3100: Models of Computation
  • Fall 2019 Syllabus

    NEW: My book ``Automata and Computability: Programmer's Perspective'' is out. The Amazon link is here.
    Cover Page
    Cover credits: This image combines an image taken with Hubble Space Telescope in the optical (taken in spring 2014) and observations of its auroras in the ultraviolet, taken in 2016. Credit: NASA, ESA. Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license
    Its software "Jove" is on Github HERE
    Excerpts are HERE
    My Fall 2018 offering based on this book, including Youtube videos, slides, and syllabus are HERE
    Supplementary material is HERE

  • Director, Center for Parallel Computing at Utah (CPU)
  • Associate Editor, Formal Methods in System Design (Springer)

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