Spring 2019 Classes

CS 2420: Introduction to Data Structure and Algorithms

Tu Th 3:40-5p in ASB 220

Introduction to the problem of engineering computational efficiency into programs. Classical algorithms and data structures. Analysis of program space and time requirements. [more info]

CS 4470: Compiler Principles and Techniques

Tu Th 2-3:20p in 2250 WEB

Ideas behind the compilation of programs, including lexical analysis, parsing, symbol tables, runtime environments, and code generation. [more info]

Fall 2019 Classes

CS 2100: Discrete Structures

Tu Th 12:25-1:45p in L101 WEB

Introduction to propositional logic, predicate logic, formal logical arguments, finite sets, functions, relations, inductive proofs, recurrence relations, graphs, and their applications to Computer Science. [more info]

CS 4400: Computer Systems

Mo We 1:25-2:45p in L101 WEB

Computer systems from a programmer’s point of view, including machine level representations of programs, measuring and optimizing program performance, memory hierarchy and virtual memory, linking, and exceptional control flow. [more info]

CS 5040: Teaching Introductory Computer Science

Issues confronted by teaching assistants (TAs) of introductory computer science courses, including leading lab sections, conducting office hours, grading assignments, and communicating with students. [more info]