The Kahlert School of Computing is a great place for undergraduates to study computer science, computer engineering, data science, software development, and more.  The KSoC was founded in 1965 by Professor David Evans.  In his own words, his visionary goal was to explore how humans could work with computers “interactively in real time to extend their problem-solving capability and to work cooperatively by means of improved communications via computer.”  These founding principles of computers augmenting human creativity and changing the way people work together established the direction for research and education in the KSoC, and remains visible in the breadth of areas in our programs today. 

We are glad you are here, whether you are a new freshman on campus, you are switching from another major, you are transferring from another institution, or you are seeking a second degree.  We value every pathway into computing!

Admission Pathways

The KSoC has four majors for undergraduates: computer science , data science, software development, and computer engineering,.  Any student who meets the prerequisites may enroll in the 1000-2000 courses, regardless of major.  Enrollment in upper-level courses (3000 and up) requires full major status.  

Direct admission for freshmen applicants

Direct admission means that a student becomes a full major as they enter the University of Utah.  Students who select one of the KSoC majors on their UofU application are automatically considered for direct admission.  For more information on how to apply and admission criteria, see

Current U of U student admission 

Students who are already admitted to the University of Utah should take pre-major courses for the degree program of interest and apply for full major status.  Any student who earns a B- or better in CS 2420 and a C or better in MATH 1210 (or other version of Calculus I) is automatically admitted.

Transfer admission

Transfer students come to the University of Utah with varied backgrounds in computing and math.  For this reason it is especially important to meet with an advisor to find out which transferred CS and math courses meet major requirements and to determine the most appropriate starting point.  Transfer students who have completed the pre-major requirements (B- or better in CS 2420 and a C or better in MATH 1210) may apply for full major status.  For more information on applying to the University as a transfer student, see

For more information on each of the KSoC’s undergraduate degree programs and requirements, see the Undergraduate Academic Programs Overview.

For questions and help navigating the degree programs, contact an Academic Advisor.

Financial aid and application

Please refer to the University of Utah Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid website for information:

After being admitted to University of Utah, check the admitted student checklist: