Clubs & Organizations

Cybersecurity Club

A platform to discuss, learn, and practice concepts related to the wide-ranging field of computer security. Members can expand their skills by attending lectures from local experts and competing in ethical hacking competitions against other teams worldwide. We typically meet once a week in the evenings on campus. One of the main activities we engage in are CTF (Capture The Flag) challenges. If you are interested in joining the club, please join our Discord, linked below! We make weekly announcements about the content of our meetings on Discord, and it is the place to get in contact with us or ask any cybersecurity questions!

Contact Kennedy Zhang for more information:

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Great Move Game Society

We play board games. We play card games. Have a game you love but no one to play with? Or a game that requires 8 people but you only have 3? We have people. We have games. We have resources. So join us in the Great Move Game Society (GMGS). No membership is required to participate, and you are not obligated to attend on a regular basis to be part of the club! All announcements and information about the club can be found on your discord. To stay up to date with us, join our discord server by clicking this link.

For more information, please contact us at

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Technical Coding Club

The Technical Coding Club is a club to primarily prepare for ICPC, the International Collegiate Programming Contest. This is the largest contest for undergraduates in the world. In addition to this, the club aims to improve the general programming skills of members and prepare them for interviews which include programming problems. Companies often use problems similar to competitive programming problems. so the club offers an excellent experience.

We have weekly meetings every Tuesday from 5:15 to 6:15 pm at MEB 3147. Join our discord for more information!

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Utah Student Robotics

Utah Student Robotics is a great place for students to get hands-on experience building a robot while competing in the NASA Lunabotics competition. We provide great opportunities for leadership, service, learning new engineering principles, and meeting other students.

USR is composed of 4 subteams: Mechanical, Electrical, and Software, which work on their respective systems of the robot, and Systems, which coordinates and facilitates the success of the other subteams. You can join any of the subteams that you would like, but most students only join one subteam.

We generally have general meetings with all subteams online on teams once a week. Sometimes these will be replaced with group events. We also have individual subteam meetings in-person once a week. These meeting times will be determined by poll at the beginning of each semester. There is no obligation to make every meeting, but meetings are very important for contributing to the team.

If you have any questions, please email us at

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The University of Utah’s Game Design and Development Club! We provide a space for aspiring Game Developers of all skill levels to connect and grow. Gamecraft hosts workshops, social events and industry speakers to provide creators with a robust community in which they can ensure long-term success in the Games Industry. We also host monthly Game Jams! Come join us, we’re open to all students regardless of major or level of experience! Meeting Times and Event Announcements are made on our discord, so head on over there if you’re interested in checking us out! 

Meetings are hosted every week. Join the discord community to meet everyone and find out about our schedule:

For any questions, email us at

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Software Development Club

The Software Development Club seeks to provide a platform for University of Utah students interested in software development to explore, learn, collaborate, and contribute to the world of technology. Our goal is to promote skill development, foster a strong community of tech enthusiasts, and create opportunities for hands-on project experience. We aim to bridge the gap between technology, education, and community engagement.

For more information, please contact us at

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Women in Computing

Women in Computing is a student-led club where women, femme-identifying folks, and allies can come to build relationships, network, support each other, and further develop their skills and careers. Their goal is to create a community for women within Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and other related computing fields.

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Utah Center for Broadening Participation in Computing

Recognizing the importance of belonging in computing, the University of Utah’s Kahlert School of Computing and College of Engineering have created UCBPC to encourage enrollment, retention, and preparation for students from all backgrounds.

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Association of Computing Machinery Club (ACM)

Dive into the world of computing, innovation, and collaboration at our kickoff event. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet fellow tech enthusiasts, learn about our upcoming activities, and how you can contribute to cool computing projects. 

In the kickoff event, the goals of the club will be presented. You will also have an opportunity to nominate yourself or your fellow students to be on the board of the club.

For any questions, email: or 

See our Canvas page for announcements!

Computer Science Discord Server:

Join the Computer Science discord server so you can connect with other CS students and learn more about events relating to your degree!