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The tutor helped me write the things I would use, rather than smacking me with a brick of text. It helped me feel an understanding of the concepts we went over.

Pre-Major Student, Spring 2021

My tutor is really good at explaining concepts in various ways and doesn’t just give the answers away, but helps you to come to the answer yourself… It was so beneficial and I’m feeling optimistic about my class again.

Pre-Major Student, Spring 2021

Need some help with your computing courses?

The School of Computing (SOC) offers assistance for the concepts learned in our introductory- and intermediate-level computing courses. Our tutors have gained Full Major Status in Computer Science and Computer Engineering and have experienced many of the new challenges you are encountering right now! Learn more about our tutors here

Our center is a FREE 1:1 resource to utilize in addition to your courses’ TA services and instructor office hours, with drop in availability every weekday! To view what courses we are currently covering — as well as additional campus resources — click here.

Our tutors are available to meet with students via drop-in hours in our tutoring center. Drop-In sessions will also be held via zoom, be sure to check for your tutors individual zoom link and tutoring hours.

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Fall 2023 Information

Schedule: The tutoring center will be open beginning August 28th, please scroll down to see each tutors individual tutoring schedule. 

The tutoring center is closed during University Closures –

Locations: MEB 3145


7AM – 7PM 7Am – Noon, 3PM – 7PM 7AM – Noon, 1PM – 6PM 7AM – 2PM, 3PM – 7PM 9AM – 2PM

Meet our Tutors

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Hyrum Bailey

Major – Computer Engineering

Two of my favorite projects in CS 3500 are when we made a spreadsheet and a game. The game brought up a lot of little problems that I didn’t imagine would come up and it was awesome putting it all together.

I especially enjoyed 1400 and 1410. They were my first programming classes and I had great teachers in both of them. I love coding in general because it gives you the satisfaction of solving a problem.

Hyrum tutors: CS 1400, 1410, 1420, 2420, 3500, 3810 and COMP 1010, 1020

Hyrum’s Drop In Tutoring Zoom Link

Below is Hyrum’s schedule

Student Photo

Toshi Mowery

Majors – Computer Science and Mathematics

Toshi is a CS Math double major who enjoys topics relating to algorithms and discrete math.

His video games of choice are currently Dota 2 and Magic the Gathering, but you can also find him playing the piano — everything from Beethoven to anime.

Favorite CS courses to tutor: CS 2100, 2420

Toshi tutors: CS 1400, 1410, 1420, 2100, 2420, 3500, 3505, 4150 and COMP 1010, 1020

Toshi’s Drop In Tutoring Zoom Link

Passcode: 580545

Below is Toshi’s schedule

Theo Kremer

Majors – Computer Science

Theo’s a passionate computer science tutor with a keen interest in full-stack development. He’s able to break down complex concepts into easily understandable terms. When not tutoring, he enjoys exploring new technologies, engaging in creative projects, and rock climbing

Favorite courses to tutor: CS2420 CS3500

Theo tutors: CS 1400, 1410, 1420, 2100, 2420, and 3500.

Theo’s Drop In Tutoring Zoom Link


Below is Theo’s schedule

Aidan Bauer

Majors – Computer Science

Aidan is a CS major and (hopeful) Math minor. Outside of school, he loves to ski, climb and hike.

Aidan tutors: CS 1400, 1410, 1420, and 2420.

Aidan’s Drop In Tutoring Zoom Link

Below is Aidan’s schedule

Surbhi Saini

Majors – Computer Science

Hi everyone! I’m Surbhi and I’m originally from India with a passion for computer science because of its problem solving skills and I enjoy solving the challenges encountered while coding! I found CS 3500 very interesting and fun since the concepts in all assignments come together in the end as a working application. Outside of college, I love to travel, watch movies, play board games and also hang out with friends!

Surbhi Tutors: CS 1400, CS 1410, CS 1420, and CS 3500

Surbhi’s Drop In Tutoring Zoom Link

Below is Surbhi’s schedule

Emily Best

Majors – Computer Science

Hi! My name is Emily and I’m graduating with a BS in Computer Science this Spring! I like computer science for its problem-solving and widespread applications. Outside of studying, I also like to read, play the piano, hike, and ski 🙂

Besides the classes I tutor, if you have questions about resumes, interviews, or internships, feel free to ask me! I’ve had a few internships and would love to offer suggestions.

Emily tutors: CS 1400, 1410, 1420, 2100, 2420, 3130, 3500, 3505, 3810 and 4400.

Emily’s Drop In Tutoring Zoom Link

Below is Emily’s schedule

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