I am currently a long-term Assistant Professor Lecturer in the School of Computing (SoC) at the University of Utah. My primary teaching responsibilities involve teaching and devloping curriculum materials for the Master of Software Development (MSD) program within SoC.

My primary research focus is on the development of robust and fast computational tools and frameworks to enable mathematical and computational modeling of problems arising in physiology, atmospheric science, and material science. The tools I develop primarily utilize high-order meshless numerical methods, which are well-suited to the complicated and irregular simulation domains arising in the aforementioned fields. I am also interested in research at the intersection of approximation theory, machine learning, and numerical methods. In addition, I also have projects involving parallel programming research, both in the multicore and GPU contexts.

I obtained my PhD in Computing (with a focus on Scientific Computing) from the School of Computing at the University of Utah under Professor Robert M. Kirby.