The Capstone program represents the pinnacle of the undergraduate computer science, data science, and software development curriculums.  It is an intense two-semester sequence in which students embark either on their own research culminating with a Bachelor’s Thesis, or form project teams culminating in delivering a significant software Capstone Project.

Bachelor's Thesis

In CS 4940 – Undergraduate Research and CS 4970 – Bachelor’s Thesis, a student conducts research under the supervision of a faculty member and ultimately produces a publication quality description of the work. Both courses require permission of the thesis mentor to register. For more information, interested students can self-enroll in the Canvas course for Undergraduate Research and Thesis.

*Honors research thesis students must enroll in CS4999 (not CS4970) in their second semester of research work. For more information, self-enroll in the Canvas course linked above or contact the Honors Faculty Advisor: Professor Tom Henderson (ude.h1696010032atu.s1696010032c@hct1696010032).

Capstone Project

During the Senior Capstone Project, small teams of students develop significant software systems using sound, disciplined software engineering practices on a project idea that they create.

CS 4000 – This class is the first semester in the sequence. Seniors will work on team formation, project identification, project planning (including UI design, software architecture, testing methods, scheduling, etc.), and work on the prototype. This course will provide teams with time and guidance to effectively plan their projects, as well as emphasizing the written and oral communications necessary to succeed in industry.

CS 4500. – Projects formed in CS 4000 must be completed during this semester. Students should have four or less CS electives/required courses left when signing up for this course and should be graduating at the end of the semester.

*Within the Capstone Project option, there are Clinical Capstone projects, sponsored by local industry, that will recruit students to work on a company specific project. View the CLINICAL CAPSTONE page for more details.

** Honors Capstone Project Thesis – An Honors student may do a capstone project, but must also write a separate project thesis which describes some aspect of the capstone project. The Honors Thesis Approval form must be submitted during the CS4000 semester, and the student must enroll in CS4998 while enrolled in CS4500.