Academic Advisors

Jill Wilson, Sydnee Sartor & Allen Hill (MS/PhD)

Leslie Wallwork & Sammie Riley (Master of Software Development)

Vicki Jackson (Combined BS/MS)


Don’t Forget to Eat – 

There are a lot of food options on or near campus for when you are stuck on campus all day.

  • The Union Center has a food court with the most options in one place: Panda Express, Jamba Juice, Burger Boi, Hive Pizza, etc.
  • The Warnock Engineering Building (WEB) has a small cafe next to the Catmull Gallery called “Starley Commons Cafe” that has coffee, pastries, meals, cold drinks, etc.
  • The William Brownning Building (WBB) has a small cafe called “Two Creek” that has coffee and pastries.
  • The Campus Store has snacks, cold drinks, and a Starbucks.

If you are having difficulty affording groceries, you can stop by the Feed U to pick up nonperishable items.

Connect with our GradSAC

What is it like to be a student in the Kahlert School of Computing? Do you have questions for our current students? The Graduate Student Advisory Committee maintains useful information. You may e-mail them at or talk to our students on our Slack channel.

Setting up a Computer Account

Send email to CS Support (email). Then create a username 3-8 letters (common are last name, first name, first initial and last name, etc)

Payroll Process – 

Take a deep breath. The payroll process is a stressful time for all students, no matter what type of funding they are receiving. You are not alone.

If you need a Social Security number & have received a funding offer (fellowship, RA, or TA), contact the Grad Advisors and they can provide you a specific Social Security Letter that will enable you to get a Work Authorization form (from ISSS) and schedule an appointment with the Social Security Office.

Make sure to reach out to the Kahlert School of Computing accountants ( at the beginning of August so they can tell you exactly what documents they need in order for you get onto payroll.

It takes about 2 weeks to complete the payroll process entirely since all hires have to be approved by HR of the entire University of Utah.

Feeling Sick?

If you get sick or have a medical condition that needs attention, please go to the Madsen Health Center first. The co-pay(fee) is $10.00 and there is no additional charge for the visit. If it’s deemed necessary that you need to see an additional doctor, you will receive a referral, and other visits to medical professional involve additional charges.

For illnesses that occur when the center is closed, please go to Redwood Urgent Care. For EMERGENCIES, and for treatment when the Redwood Urgent Care center is closed, go to the nearest Emergency Room.

General Campus Links

Digital Resource Guide for New Students

International Center 

Graduate School

Price College of Engineering Counseling 

Community Resources

Commuter Services 

Campus Map

ID Card Works as bus, TRAX, and Front Runner train pass. Take ID card to Marriott Library and have activated as library card.

Career Services