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We would like to introduce SEEDS, A 10 weeklong, summer mobile app development challenge, where you will work in a team with 3 other girls of your age. We use the Design Thinking framework along with live iOS and Android coaching sessions to help you create socially useful apps from your own ideas. This program is offered by Dandilyonn, a non-profit which is working hard to increase the representation of women in the computer software development industry.  We are a group of women who work for Silicon Valley companies Amazon, Google, Adobe. All passionate about sharing our experiences with young girls like you and making you ready for tech careers.

Here are few unique aspects and their benefits of SEEDS

  1. End to end design thinking based app development training taught by professionals who learned the art of Stanford LEAD program.
  2. End to end iOS or Android app development training coached by practicing industry software developers
  3. You own what you build! You are completely free to continue to develop the app in future and make a mark.
  4. A chance at winning hundreds of dollars as winning team at the end of the summer program
  5. Irreplaceable real life app development experience to boost your resume and chances of landing tech internships in leading development companies.
  6. Fellow students, industry practitioners, industry leaders network connections through weekly training, women in tech presentations and panels
  7. Follow-up opportunities to work on mock interviews and internship opportunities
  8. Above all, a fulfilling experience of using your talent to make a difference!

We have run the SEEDS program for the past 4 years with over 100+ successful participation from universities all over the US. We welcome girls from community colleges to Ivy Leagues and give everyone equal opportunity to participate. Our students have found SEEDS training and experience – confidence building, which have led them to find prestigious internship opportunities in companies like Google, Meta, Amazon, Microsoft to name a few. We have invited over 20+ women in tech presenters who have connected with our students directly. They have come from many different roles in tech from VP of marketing at Amazon Music to UX designer at Google.

This year we want to go big!! We are super excited to kick off 2023 SEEDS application season. This summer, we want to enroll up to 80 female students (including those who identify themselves of female gender) with a 10% goal for BLNA enrollment.

We invite all eligible students at University of Utah to apply for SEEDS NOW!! Do not wait. In the past, we have reached our limit of 40 enrollment within 2 days. If you would like to team with your girl friends from college or school, forward the application link to them. Each participant will need to apply separately.

Please do note that there is a small application fee to make sure only interested girls apply, once selected the program is offered with no cost to the student.

Hope to hear back from many of you and best of luck for your upcoming careers in tech.

Archana Chaudhary
Director: SEEDS

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Archana Choudhary - Senior Engineering Manager at Adobe | "Decoding the CS Internship Experience: Unveiling Diverse Roles for Computer Science Students"

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UCIC Ambassador Ashley Lujan Wins Women Tech Council Student Pathway Award

Congratulations to our very own UCIC Ambassador, Ashley Lujan, for winning the Women Tech Council Student Pathway Award!

The Women Tech Awards is the premier awards program for women in technology with ties to Silicon Slopes, and has recognized some of the most prestigious and and up-and-coming women throughout the technology industry. By bringing visibility to the women who are creating new technologies, leading technology companies, driving innovation and inspiring the tech community, these awards accelerate their career trajectories, elevate the entire technology sector, and help inspire thousands of high school girls and other women into STEM careers.

Open House Why PhD

November 3, 3:00pm – 5:00pm Evans Conference Room (3780 WEB) and Zoom

2023 Organick Lecture Series

Elizabeth Churchill

Senior Director of UX at Google

The past, present, and future of Human Computer Interaction

Abstract: Since computers were first developed, scholars have been working on how to make them more usable and more useful. The early days of human computer interaction (HCI) as a field of study focused on making computers more usable for technical users, not for everyday users. This led to the development of text-based command-line interfaces (CLIs) which are still very much in use today. As computers started appearing in offices and homes in the 1970’s and 1980’s, and were taken up by non-technical users, graphical user interfaces (GUIs) began to emerge. GUIs were much more intuitive and user-friendly than CLIs, and they quickly became the standard for interacting with computers.

GUIs are still the most used form of interaction for our everyday personal and work devices, but new modalities such as voice, gesture, and touch are becoming increasingly popular as new interactive devices emerge. These include wearables, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR). Further, we are seeing that AI-driven, “under-the-hood” capabilities are changing the nature of interaction with digital information, which in turn will drive change in how we interact with our devices. As hardware and software continues to evolve, new ways of interacting with–indeed collaborating with–computers will emerge.

In this talk, I will offer a personal view of the past, present, and future of human computer interaction as a field of study. I will share some case studies from my own work, talk about what excites me about the future landscape, and will reflect on key challenges facing us all. In today’s world the study of human computer interaction is not just for scholars, it is everybody’s business.

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