New ‘Open Testing and Integration Center’ Designation Expands POWDER’s Reach

As the power and ubiquity of mobile devices increases, so does the strain they put on wireless networks. The continuous rollout of new wireless deployments, such as the current “5G” standard, is necessary to keep up with this demand.

However, upgrading these standards is a massive undertaking, especially as they rely on a patchwork of physical hardware that must seamlessly communicate with user devices as they hop from network to network.

Wang Fengjiao

Fengjiao Wang

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Wood Aaron

Aaron Wood

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Heisler Eric

Eric Heisler

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Kessler Inducted into HEVGA Fellows

Bob Kessler, Ph.D., EAE's co-founder and founding director, will be posthumously inducted as a HEVGA Fellow during a ceremony to be held at the Game Developers' Conference in San Francisco, CA, the week of March 20th, 2023. Kessler was a towering figure in the history of EAE, serving to co-found the program in 2008 and lead it as its first Director from 2010 through 2018. As a professor of Computer Science and EAE's Director at the University of Utah, he spent his entire career advocating for students and their success. His life-long commitment to education was driven by his passion for helping his students develop the skills and knowledge they needed to succeed, and his insight and wisdom provided the foundations for EAE's success as a leader in the academic games community.