The Kahlert School of Computing will offer a number of merit-based application-fee waivers for International PhD applicants (please note that we do not offer application-fee waivers for Masters applicants).

The deadline for applying for a fee waiver has passed. Decisions on the requests for application-fee waivers are expected to be made in early December.

You may start filling out the online application and get your reference letters ready before the requests for application-fee waivers are decided, but please do not pay the online application fee until you hear back on the fee-waiver request – it will not be possible to refund any application fee that has already been paid (i.e., a granted application-fee waiver request would be useless).


1. I applied for the application-fee waiver and was successful in getting a waiver. Does that mean I am admitted to the PhD program?

No. You must officially apply before the December 15th deadline for your PhD application to be evaluated.

2. I want to apply to the Masters program. Can I get an application-fee waiver?

No. Application-fee waivers are only granted for PhD applicants.

3. I am primarily interested in a Masters degree. However, because no application-fee waiver is feasible for applicants to the Masters program, can I apply for a PhD instead?

No. If admitted to the PhD program, a change to the Masters program after admission to the PhD program is not allowed.

4. I have already applied and paid for the PhD application. Can I apply for a waiver?

Unfortunately, there is no way for us to refund an application fee that has already been paid. Therefore, there will be no benefit in applying for a fee-waiver if the application fee has already been paid.

5. I am a domestic PhD applicant. Do I need to apply for a waiver through this form?

No, if you are a domestic student, you do not need to apply for a waiver via the form since all domestic applicants are granted an application fee waiver – please get in touch with

6. I am a prospective international PhD student and I have applied for an application waiver. Can I start the application process?

Yes, we encourage you to start the official application process while you are waiting for the decision on your request for an application fee waiver. Please also get your recommendation letters ready. But please wait until you hear about the outcome of your waiver application before completing your official application.

7. I was successful in obtaining a PhD application waiver but did not apply for Fall 2024? Can I use the waiver during a later admission cycle?

No. An application fee waiver awarded for Fall 2024 PhD applicants can only be used for that admission cycle.