Machine Learning


The Deep Learning Certificate Program will provide working knowledge of the use of state-of-the-art deep learning technology as a graduate student certificate program. Deep learning allows the identification of objects in images, translating languages and driving cars autonomously. Deep Learning is rapidly gaining application across all industries due to the availability of adequate computing power (e.g., GPU’s and large data sets to train with. This is true from sensor data processing to database analytics to fraud detection in banks. Utah currently has a large number of unfilled well-paying jobs in this area. Student enrollment in the program is achieved as a stackable certificate on top of a regular graduate degree. Students with appropriate background may be allowed into the program as non-matriculated students. The successful award of the certificate in Deep Learning results from the completion of 15 student credit hours of work at the graduate level. This program provides education in this area to engineering and science graduate students beyond those with computing background. In addition, the certificate program requires a graduate internship project with program’s industry partners.

For more information, refer to the Program Information Brochure (PDF).

Deep Learning Capstone

The Graduate Certificate in Deep Learning requires a capstone project. For some work with a local company see this page.