Kahlert School of Computing Faculty and Students to Present at CHI 2024 in Honolulu

The Kahlert School of Computing is gearing up for the CHI 2024 conference on the island of Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi from May 11-16th. Regarded as the premier global event for Human-Computer Interaction, the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems unites industry and academic experts to explore avenues for advancing and refining cutting-edge technologies.

The Kahlert School of Computing is proud to be represented by several students and faculty members presenting research at the conference, including: PhD students Joshua Dawson, Eden Fisher, Maxim Lisnic, and faculty members Paul Rosen, Alexander Lex, Marina Kogan, and Jason Wiese.

The works that will be presented by Kahlert School of Computing faculty and students are:

Hospital Employee Experiences Caring for Patients in Smart Patient Rooms

Hospital Employee Experiences Caring for Patients in Smart Patient Rooms

Authors: Joshua Dawson, Eden Fisher, Jason Wiese

This work sheds light on Hospital employees’ current use of smart Hospital room technology with thematic analysis of interviews, highlighting benefits, drawbacks, and potential areas for improvement.

"Yeah, this graph doesn't show that": Analysis of Online Engagement with Misleading Data Visualizations

Authors: Maxim Lisnic, Alexander Lex, Marina Kogan

This investigation analyzes the public's engagement with data visualization posts about COVID-19 on Twitter, discussing opportunities and limitations to effectively leveraging crowdsourced assessments to address data-driven misinformation.


Do You See What I See? A Qualitative Study Eliciting High-Level Visualiz ation Comprehension

Authors: Paul Rosen, Ghulam Jilani Quadri (University of North Carolina), Zhehao Wang (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Arran Zeyu Wang (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill), Jennifer Adorno (University of South Florida), Danielle Albers Szafir (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill)

This work explores how viewers interpret visualizations in alignment with designers' communicative goals, contrasting with traditional studies focused on isolated tasks. It contains an investigation into the natural comprehension of high-level patterns in visualizations, revealing discrepancies between stated objectives and audience understanding across different chart types.

In addition, Kahlert School of Computing Associate Professor, Katherine E Isaacs will be one of the chairs for the workshop Human-Notebook Interactions: The CHI of Computational Notebooks. The workshop aims to unite researchers from the CHI community to foster collaboration at the intersection of computational notebook and HCI research, focusing on the effective design and use of interfaces within computational notebook environments. 

Blair Sullivan Honored by Georgia Tech

Celebrating Georgia Tech Women: Pathway of Progress is the new name of the forthcoming, permanent tribute to the impact of women from Georgia Tech, now under construction near the John Lewis Student Center and Stamps Commons. Set to open in Fall 2024, the physical installation and accompanying digital experience will celebrate 70 graduates, as well as 98 women and events with historical significance to the Institute. 

Apply For SEEDS 2024

We would like to introduce SEEDS, A 10 weeklong, summer mobile app development challenge, where you will work in a team with 3 other girls of your age. We use the Design Thinking framework along with live iOS and Android coaching sessions to help you create socially useful apps from your own ideas. This program is offered by Dandilyonn, a non-profit which is working hard to increase the representation of women in the computer software development industry.  We are a group of women who work for Silicon Valley companies Amazon, Google, Adobe. All passionate about sharing our experiences with young girls like you and making you ready for tech careers.

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Archana Chaudhary
Director: SEEDS

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WTC 3x3 at University of Utah

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Adobe Internship Talk

Archana Choudhary - Senior Engineering Manager at Adobe | "Decoding the CS Internship Experience: Unveiling Diverse Roles for Computer Science Students"

UCIC Ambassador Ashley Lujan Wins Women Tech Council Student Pathway Award

Congratulations to our very own UCIC Ambassador, Ashley Lujan, for winning the Women Tech Council Student Pathway Award!

The Women Tech Awards is the premier awards program for women in technology with ties to Silicon Slopes, and has recognized some of the most prestigious and and up-and-coming women throughout the technology industry. By bringing visibility to the women who are creating new technologies, leading technology companies, driving innovation and inspiring the tech community, these awards accelerate their career trajectories, elevate the entire technology sector, and help inspire thousands of high school girls and other women into STEM careers.

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