Organick Lecture Series


Elliott I. Organick served fifteen years at the University of Utah, tirelessly helping shape the Department’s academic and research programs. In addition, he brought recognition and honor to the Department through his prolific writing, his unstinting professional service, and the warmth of his humanity.

Upon his passing in 1985 many of his friends, colleagues and former students established a permanent memorial, the Elliott I. Organick Endowment. This endowment enhances the Computer Science environment in Utah through a pair of lectures which are the highlight public events of each academic year.

2016 Lecture

Moshe Vardi
Rice University
September 26-27, 2016
Lecture Series Information

Past Lectures

2015 – Farnam Jahanian, Carnegie Mellon University

2014 – Ed Lazowska, University of Washington

2013 – Peter Neumann, SRI International

2012 – David E. Shaw, D.E. Shaw Research

2010 – Sebastian Thrun, Stanford University

2009 – Ed Catmull, Ph.D., President Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios

2008 – Fran Allen, IBM T.J. Watson Research Laboratory

2007 – Jeannette Wing, Carnegie Mellon University

2006 – Alan Kay, Viewpoints Research Institute, Inc.

2005 – Vinton Cerf, Technology Strategy, MCI Inc.

2004 – Jim Gray, Microsoft Research

2003 – David Patterson, UC Berkeley

2002 – David Gelernter, Yale University

2001 – Bill Joy, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

2000 – Takeo Kanade, Carnegie Mellon University

1999 – Guy L. Steele, Jr., Sun Microsystems, Inc.

1998 – Richard M. Karp, University of Washington

1997 – Raj Reddy, Carnegie Mellon University

1996 – John Hennessy, Stanford University

1995 – Robert E. Kahn, Corporation for National Research Initiatives

1994 – Butler W. Lampson, Digital Equipment Corporation

1993 – Ivan Sutherland, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

1992 – Dana S. Scott, Carnegie Mellon University

1991 – Carver A. Mead, California Institute of Technology

1990 – Donald E. Knuth, Stanford University

1989 – C.A.R. Hoare, Oxford University

1988 – John E. Hopcroft, Cornell University

1987 – Kristen Nygaard, University of Oslo, Norway

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