CS 7941 Data Group Seminar, Fall 2018

Instructor:Shandian Zhe
Fall 2018 | Wednesday 11:50 am - 01:10 pm
Location: MEB 3147 (LCR)


This is the Data Science Seminar. Students enrolled in CS 7941 will hear and present cutting edge research in data science (including topics on data mining, machine learning, databases, and algorithms). This can be taken for 1-3 credits (consult with instructor before registering for more than 1), depending on how many presentations you will give. All are welcome to attend. Note that the seminar time and place might be subject to change, and we will mark it as red in the following schedule.


Date Topic Speaker
Wed 8.22 (10:00AM WEB 3780) What is wrong with semantic parsing? Jonathan Berant
Wed 8.29   [Slides] Yishuai Du
Wed 9.05 Ashkan Bashardoust
Wed 9.12 Mingxuan Han
Wed 9.19 Aditya Bhaskara
Wed 9.26   [Slides] Nate Veldt
Wed 10.3 Qingkai Lu
Wed 10.10
Thu 10.18 (12:00PM) WEB 3780 Thiago Serra
Wed 10.24 Zheng Wang
Wed 10.31 Wenzheng Tao
Thu 11.08 (12:00PM) WEB 3780 Benjamin Kuipers
Tue 11.13 (11:00AM) 3780 WEB Subbarao Kambhampati
Fri 11.16 (11:00AM) Saltair Room at the Union Kiri Wagstaff
Wed 11.21 Yishuai Du
Wed 11.28 Zheng Wang
Thu 12.06, 4-5pm, JWB 335 Elina Robeva