Tamara Denning

Assistant Professor
School of Computing
University of Utah

Twitter: @tamaradenning


My interests are in the human aspects of computer security and privacy. Past areas of work include security for implantable medical devices, privacy issues surrounding augmented reality glasses, and security awareness and education. I completed my PhD at the University of Washington working with Tadayoshi Kohno in the Security and Privacy Research Lab.


Security seminar 11/21
Discovering Smart Home Internet of Things Privacy Norms Using Contextual Integrity
Security seminar 11/14
RAPPOR: Randomized Aggregatable Privacy-Preserving Ordinal Response (Erlingsson et al)
Security seminar 11/7
Differential Privacy: A Primer for a Non-technical Audience (Nissim et al)
Security seminar 10/31
Kent Seamons, BYU: Making TLS Applications Easy to Implement