PocketPC VNCViewer Client

Last Software Update: October 2006

License Information

VNC is available under the GNU General Public Licence.

VNCViewer Client Downloads

  • PocketPC 2000 [ARM] [MIPS] [SH3]
  • PocketPC 2002 [ARM]
  • PocketPC 2003, WM5.x, WM6.x [ARM]
Please note this VNC client works on Windows Mobile 2000, 2002, 2003, WM5.x, WM6.x devices ONLY. See section below for possible information on other platforms.

Installation Instructions

To install the PocketPC VNC client, copy the vncview.exe from the download section above for your cpu type to your PocketPC device. To uninstall, delete the vncview.exe on the device. Currently you will need to edit the registry (or hard reset the device) to remove the connection details history drop-down.


VNC Documentation and Client/Server Downloads for other Platforms


Known Issues

  • VNC client is not compatible with VNC 4.0 server, unless the server is configured to provide 3.x VNC protocol.
  • FIXED Password Dialog Box sometimes appears behind other windows
  • When a connection fails, the error dialog box is shown briefly and then it disappears--it should wait for the user to tap (OK).

Requested Features

  • ADDED The ability to specify a port number instead of screen number by using "::" instead of ":" after the server name or IP address.
  • ADDED The ability to send a right mouse click. Tap-and-hold action now sends a right click.
  • Client side display scaling


December 2004 - Servername input box (on connection details dialog) maximum length increased for long DNS names.

February 2004 - PocketPC VNC Viewer updated! See the Known Issues and Requested Features sections for changes.

January 2004 - A user mentioned an interesting PocketPC VNC Server project.

December 2003 - A user reports success using an iPAQ 3870 upgraded to PocketPC 2003.

October 2002 - The ARM version does work with PXA

July 2001 - I received my copy of the German magazine c't which distributed VNC for PocketPC to all of their readers.

May 2001 - VNC files posted.


Paypal donations are accepted at the email address below. I am no longer supporting this project, but keeping it hosted. Please read the licence agreement. It is offered FREE and AS-IS (meaning I make no claims as to its usefulness or reliability).


Source code is available here.