Manu Awasthi

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Research Interests

I am primarily interested in issues related to memory and storage design for datacenters. In the recent past, my work has revolved around multiple aspects of system design - from workload characterization, all the way up to proposing and evaluating system-level architectures, with focus on memory and storage sub-system design. Currently, I am interested in the following broad research themes.

In the past, I have looked at memory hierarchy design for Chip Multi Processors (CMPs), at all levels of the hierarchy. More specifically, the techniques to efficiently manage data and capacity in large, last-level caches and multi-socket, single-board NUMA main memories. I have also proposed techniques to manage resistance drift in phase-change memory (PCM) multi-level cells (MLCs), reduce timing and thermal issues in 3D stacked clustered architectures and designed commit algorithms for hardware transactional memory architectures.