Manu Awasthi

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Architecture/Hardware Links

  • Computer Systems Colloquium's Youtube Playlist
  • The Next Platform
  • Dan Tsafrir's collection of CFPs in Computer Systems
  • Call for Papers, WikiCFP
  • Call for Papers, Computer Architecture
  • CFP, Computer Architecture from the Wisconsin architecture page
  • Slashdot Hardware
  • The Register, Hardware
  • Tom's Hardware
  • Anandtech
  • Real World Technologies
  • Sandpile, your best source for x86 processor related information.

  • Miscellaneous

  • PhD Comics
  • XKCD
  • If you like brewing your own beer, Dave Nellans has a great set of recipes.
  • I maintain a form for submitting computer science faculty jobs in India. The information can be accessed via this spreadsheet.
  • My publicly shared items on Google Reader.
  • A list of anagrams for my name.. My favourite - A Haunt Swami.
  • Suresh maintains a list of restaurants in Salt lake City.