Richard Li

Ph.D. student(since Fall 2014)
Flux Research Group
School of Computing, University of Utah

Email: licai(at)



A sunny Ph.D. student doing cloudy research. (See "Final Notes" in the end on "sunny")

I am a Ph.D. student of Flux Research Group at University of Utah. My advisor is Prof. Eric Eide. I am also working closely with Prof. Jacobus (Kobus) Van der Merwe and Prof. Robert Ricci.
My research projects are always related to Cloud Computing.

I am passionate about security research topics, especially Cloud Security and Operating System Security.
I am familiar with both Linux and Windows development, in both user and kernel space.
I have been enjoying playing with kernel rookits in Windows and Linux.
I have been working on a project related to Intel SGX with Christos Gkantsidis and Thomas Karagiannis , from Microsoft Research Cambridge .
I am also working with Hyunseok Chang and Sarit Mukherjee from Bell Labs on microservices related topics.

This is my Google profile.

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I am a huge fan of psychology.
More specifically, I am much more excited in helping people improve their working performance or get life better than optimizing machines :D.

Feel free to send me an email or talk to me if you are under depression especially if you are a PhD student under depression(because I probably could understand your world better than non-PhD student). I have already successfully helped quite a few graduate students step out of their tough mental situation, and I am happy to try to help you too.

I am more than willing to give it a try to help those who seek for help.

To talk, you can ping me through email, or simply join my daily 5-10k running in the gym. Come on, let's talk!