Teapot Rendering Competition - Dreary Teapot Playground

The final project image was created using Path Tracing with 4 Monte Carlo GI bounces. It was rendered using about 650spp. Though it is a somewhat dark (and very grey) image, and the placement of the light makes the shadows appear hard, they are in reality soft, can be seen better around the refractive sphere close to the wall. Reflective objects can be seen around the scene with different glossiness values. The most interesting feature is the big reflective teapot on the left. It reflects off of the back wall, which is also reflective, so the entire scene appears on it. If you look closely, the teapot appears on itself! Refractive objects are also seen in the dreary playground. The two spheres are placed in relation to the light to show their unique material features. The green refractive sphere creates a noticeable but (fitting with the tone of the image) weak caustic ring around its bottom. The refraction also shows the green teapot that is hidden from the sphere. The second refractive sphere, plays mostly on colour. It is a completely refractive sphere and appears transparent, with the assigned blue colour where light hits it. Where it is in the shadow it is colourless, thus giving the appearance that the colour is "spreading" on the surface.


Processor: Inter(R) Core i7-35337 CPU @ 2.00Ghz

RAM 8.00GB

NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M