Contact Information

Office: Merrill Engineering Building, Room 3418
Address: 50 S. Central Campus Drive, Room 3418,
Salt Lake City, UT 84112
Phone: +1 (801) 585-9570
Fax: +1 (801) 581-5843

I am an assistant professor in the School of Computing at the University of Utah. My research interests are in the broad area of computer architecture, with an emphasis on energy-efficient computing for future computer systems.

I am looking for highly motivated and hard working students who want to work in energy-efficient computer architecture and memory-centric accelerators. If you are a new CS/ECE student at the University of Utah, feel free to contact me for arranging an appointment; otherwise, email me your CV and apply to the SoC graduate program.

Honors and Awards

  • Dean's teaching commendation letter for Advanced Computer Architecture (CS/ECE 7810), 2017
  • IEEE Micro Top Picks in Computer Architecture, 2017
  • HPCA Distinguished Paper Award, 2016
  • IEEE Micro Top Picks in Computer Architecture, 2013
  • Samsung Best Paper Award, 2012

Selected Publications (see all publications)


  • CS/ECE 3810: Computer Organization (Fall 2020, Spring 2019)
  • CS/ECE 6810: Computer Architecture (Fall 2019, Fall 2018, Spring 2018, Fall 2016)
  • CS/ECE 7810: Advanced Computer Architecture (Spring 2021, Spring 2020, Spring 2017)
  • CS 7937: Architecture and VLSI Seminar (Fall 2017-present)




  • Manikanth Miryala, ECE, M.S. 2017, First Job: Power Management Firmware Developer, Intel
  • Arjun Pal Chowdhury, CS, M.S. 2017, First Job: Principal Design Engineer, NXP
  • Yomi Karthik Rupesh, ECE, M.S. 2018, First Job: SoC Design Engineer, NVIDIA
  • Payman Behnam, CS, M.S. 2020, First Job: PhD Student, Gogia Tech
  • Venkatrajreddy Sunkari, ECE, M.S. 2020, First Job: --

Professional Activities

  • Editorial Board: Microelectronics Journal
  • Organizing Committee: ISCA'17 (Publications Chair)
  • Program Committee: IPDPS'17, ICPP'17, ICCD'17, EMC2'18 (with ASPLOS), ICCD'18-20, HPCA'19, DAC'20
  • External Review Committee: HPCA'16, HPCA'18, DAC'18, MICRO'20
  • Panel: National Science Foundation

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