Repeat Policy

The School of Computing has a strict policy on how a course may be repeated for credit toward the computer science degree.

1. All courses may be taken at most twice. Any grade, including a W, counts as an attempt. Two unsuccessful attempts will result in probation and require an appeal for a third attempt.

2. Grades in pre-requisite courses are accepted only when they occur prior to the successor course. For example, a student may not take CS/EAE 1410 after CS/EAE 2420 solely to improve his GPA.

3. A course taken at the University of Utah may not be repeated at another institution.

For some cases in which a non-academic emergency has prevented a student from completing a course successfully in two attempts, a third attempt may be accepted for credit towards the computer science degree. To petition for such an exception, a student should write a formal letter to the Undergraduate Committee. The letter must contain a concrete and detailed plan for success in a third and final attempt, enumerating points of struggle from the previous attempts and what will be done differently to overcome them. The committee will look favorably on a plan that is proactive and makes good use of help resources (e.g., starting all assignments as soon they are released, seeing the TAs regularly, etc.). The letter must also contain a draft of the student’s schedule each week, including all classes and all commitments outside of class. The schedule should demonstrate adequate time is being spent attending class, as well as doing assignments and studying outside of class. Send the letter (in PDF) to Erin Parker,