Snapshot: 20180819-e15eadd106

      32-bit x86 77 MB SHA1: 4ec3f0bc6c75301cf280025c5a4169688f9f6717 as “current”
      64-bit x64 77.6 MB SHA1: 5c796579926b4b65cccf50228e61debb74b9c8ea as “current”
   Mac OS X
      32-bit Intel 101.4 MB SHA1: 0f36bf305074d399c9223a2dbb45ca95dc756e7a as “current”
      64-bit Intel 102.4 MB SHA1: afc6780b65e1f2adaeab3e0f9294ff607f2995b7 as “current”
      32-bit i386 built on Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise) 115.9 MB SHA1: a071a4bfe9d9d3d0d515db2dba2210c90f1bcf4a as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 built on Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise) 116.2 MB SHA1: fb864eba1c773c9ef88a05c7ae60c6d2954bd746 as “current”
      ARM6 VFP built on Raspbian 115.5 MB SHA1: c614e9195a2e2323a0fd4c4b2183eaf3300ec166 as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 natipkg built on Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise)  128.2 MB SHA1: 6ed5722ce2cf160ec2b7e86826c84d3b0526a7f9 as “current”
      Source 25 MB SHA1: 46c3b25b30a1df517d2ec0de439fce373a6e3ad8 as “current”
      Source + built packages  120.1 MB SHA1: 6a91ccd7a3a6e8e112c120a7bd119ce34d04f75f as “current”
      Source with versionless path  25 MB SHA1: 3c3263a13150a10a0f7aa0ae3ac7a4ada2f82d27  
Minimal Racket
      32-bit x86
         Installer 8 MB SHA1: 1fdc3b383161a39a289311c26df64063766e47b1 as “current”
         Tarball   build failed; last success: 20180817-d152ddd8e1 as “current”
      64-bit x64
         Installer 8.4 MB SHA1: 3db3a431ba18bd8860c135cc072d95b094b8b7ca as “current”
         Tarball  12.3 MB SHA1: 4fa0700ed4152e2577c16d47d0e5476b01359fbd as “current”
   Mac OS X
      32-bit Intel
         Disk Image  8.4 MB SHA1: 752c88297a5591e5b42350b3149133be417de15c as “current”
         Installer Package  10.7 MB SHA1: 6005d0a0225621ddc5008192bb08e19f0e1636cc as “current”
         Tarball  9.1 MB SHA1: ac452b4768b19852adeaca4751c6176729beb7a5 as “current”
      64-bit Intel
         Disk Image  8.6 MB SHA1: eb906ca676a7dba95ceef8c31e62d8586857b061 as “current”
         Installer Package  11.1 MB SHA1: e3c210c413d6b1a773e1191be8353bd7b94ae7e8 as “current”
         Tarball  9.4 MB SHA1: 4498d7fa8589141ac794466a1a3d4ed71f62fb05 as “current”
      32-bit i386 built on Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise)
         Installer 10.4 MB SHA1: 5b842b63cb06bffb1db634313bbb102f1b9562f5 as “current”
         Tarball  10.4 MB SHA1: 5ebbf77050d8fd61c19d064bf3e12c8de5cce067 as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 built on Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise)
         Installer 10.6 MB SHA1: 232d765b357665d79544a99914a695203e9a0c61 as “current”
         Tarball  10.6 MB SHA1: 57e3e60d00c98bc289e1ee4a4e24a8382e64085f as “current”
      ARM6 VFP built on Raspbian 10 MB SHA1: 1e5e4961801f7849f389cbae13bc406b3e5589c7 as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 natipkg built on Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise)  12.5 MB SHA1: 3e6c412ea5474cb771e6020c5a7bbe90ee7a482d as “current”
   All Platforms
      Source 9.8 MB SHA1: dbb0766f139329966bd2f97507e5026e3fb4112c as “current”
      Source + built libraries  14.5 MB SHA1: 78047a6691fe8658f63d19dc997556c178285243 as “current”
      Source with versionless path  9.8 MB SHA1: d2693bb1187bf1420b5a457bc5434963a329d258  
Minimal Racket+GUI+Docs
   Mac OS X
      64-bit Intel 81.4 MB SHA1: e0c23dfdd8a0709c1c98af23a5f79ca0818adaa8 as “current”
Minimal DrRacket
   Mac OS X
      64-bit Intel 81.3 MB SHA1: 7c37c0a824b25680b1eaa799d42c946f49e8d23a as “current”

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Commit: e15eadd1060943e91c401b43beb0a91f18244478
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Snapshot ID: 20180819-e15eadd106