Snapshot: 20200930-46a191d

      64-bit x64 141.6 MB SHA1: 3c2631b2675f66f2ef9f8b500b7c9c32716f2518 as “current”
      64-bit x64 BC 81 MB SHA1: 5fe69e9d1df486d1a2e56e38795a39158459070c as “current”
      32-bit x86 BC 80.3 MB SHA1: fe6dbd7ebd5c9053a02debf7638a685962ba67aa as “current”
   Mac OS X
      64-bit Intel 291.3 MB SHA1: 9d07a01f6e617c188a525121e645dbca8c453eac as “current”
      64-bit Intel BC 117.9 MB SHA1: 92f2e4d51044a10df3c49a31ad4aeed3b2f0fae5 as “current”
      32-bit Intel BC 115.9 MB SHA1: a70ab3b0332c339f640879303d797aed0dae3f03 as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 built on Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise) 273.6 MB SHA1: cc668ca59747e29968d3f15d4488fe0799394023 as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 built on Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial) 274 MB SHA1: 7910459a7e2426e6c093ded55f9b5580dff28c78 as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 BC built on Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise) 121.7 MB SHA1: d976a9791a2081ebada00686258599ab4ef13601 as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 natipkg built on Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise)  287.6 MB SHA1: e93e9d9fa0eaf354001c49c91bbe05ac44ad3cef as “current”
      32-bit i386 BC built on Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise) 121.4 MB SHA1: 7c0d0bee1f9ec9ffa5aef885644055358d868d39 as “current”
      ARMv6 VFP built on Raspbian 264.7 MB SHA1: 1a881d3c88d2d937efc08e706c51ca19e02012a3 as “current”
      ARMv6 VFP BC built on Raspbian 119.7 MB SHA1: d3145009be7245fc6f907b4c68ba8f101529c835 as “current”
      Source 53.1 MB SHA1: ecd496733d06ad5a78a0a662d9086869b5b64f20 as “current”
      Source + built packages  166.8 MB SHA1: 68a1e630374cd03c79506a2f0d1aea46d94f2699 as “current”
      Source with versionless path  53.1 MB SHA1: d77d1aeb469e5f368a101168d30b26c9928581c8  
Minimal Racket
      64-bit x64
         Installer 20.2 MB SHA1: 47b60ad9b472f54449ad40dcc60d7890eba1391d as “current”
         Tarball  34.2 MB SHA1: 6cac397fad3221e4357cfce55600ffee509ef161 as “current”
      64-bit x64 BC
         Installer 8.7 MB SHA1: 56b0a167e6871438a163e0f036098f0e9f3260cb as “current”
         Tarball  12.2 MB SHA1: 13f28ded74b874eccbbad7b9375678956cb31a1e as “current”
      32-bit x86 BC
         Installer 8.2 MB SHA1: 311c270b100d91107c186a582f6bdec8f26239fd as “current”
         Tarball  11.5 MB SHA1: 9621676a1c14f8f6879f4a2baf4c45d71b59db52 as “current”
   Mac OS X
      64-bit Intel
         Disk Image  38.2 MB SHA1: 7a7782916c15f8ed478544f95f073e62f0c95750 as “current”
         Installer Package  41.9 MB SHA1: 114c6603bcd02fa3a7024eaf6bf30b0d96747c7f as “current”
         Tarball  42 MB SHA1: 04934c1a34f11468487daaad12a446e381078918 as “current”
      64-bit Intel BC
         Disk Image  12 MB SHA1: 463860cdd0c3eeeef69f83e3ff500b35cbcb27ef as “current”
         Installer Package  14.5 MB SHA1: ab0d720d729ebc68e8999e0c4bb24ded811394b0 as “current”
         Tarball  12.8 MB SHA1: 89a45a5ded03ada73b207c3f0d41423f10480380 as “current”
      32-bit Intel BC
         Disk Image  11.6 MB SHA1: 303d0a696f4492a0b2107d09a96605202b6ad291 as “current”
         Installer Package  14.3 MB SHA1: 98ea182cc66180cb300911500a0558fa6a5eb996 as “current”
         Tarball  12.6 MB SHA1: acb96a93e4ad61c982d4a95dc9deaf658358320d as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 built on Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise)
         Installer 33.4 MB SHA1: 21cea53380099ae8db494a2e0367850f1125b4f6 as “current”
         Tarball  33.4 MB SHA1: 2c97a4a70e53fb61b526b44e98177cd69474f7e9 as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 built on Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial)
         Installer 33.7 MB SHA1: 8bbc295b4257f0259ec02f0255a0640cc597d8b7 as “current”
         Tarball  33.7 MB SHA1: deb8d5a0278e0377bdca597331b7345973fea873 as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 BC built on Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise)
         Installer 10.9 MB SHA1: d97d06bb6f86c6a809100de43a7603ce1ca553fc as “current”
         Tarball  10.9 MB SHA1: e6396b175b698321dd7447892eb7b9187808c93b as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 natipkg built on Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise)  37.3 MB SHA1: 35f29bf0169b53e4eb199787946ff0fda47d4205 as “current”
      32-bit i386 BC built on Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise)
         Installer 10.6 MB SHA1: 65e798ed75f78f0dbdf76e69deaacdadc630e81c as “current”
         Tarball  10.6 MB SHA1: 16a5eabb070735fb0325b6762b34819b7c474a40 as “current”
      ARMv6 VFP built on Raspbian 28.7 MB SHA1: d619b955a3fad392b331033fd188e2d7e54edc60 as “current”
      ARMv6 VFP BC built on Raspbian 8.8 MB SHA1: 3c3be43bca0156a38654a95a0c803ede6f59abbc as “current”
   All Platforms
      Source 37.1 MB SHA1: bf6a7175885eb9a3e687119d4fb6a4acb0ce2021 as “current”
      Source + built libraries  43 MB SHA1: 33257902f8fd19fa070ef9068083d6502a09f632 as “current”
      Source with versionless path  37.1 MB SHA1: 74b8487a02f25c0eddc25d2e57ce43593c7e5355  
Minimal Racket+GUI+Docs
   Mac OS X
      64-bit Intel 93.3 MB SHA1: 273c6d43620cdfbf88556e79a4ed2737780e2ac5 as “current”
Minimal DrRacket
   Mac OS X
      64-bit Intel 91.8 MB SHA1: f2c92ec9c5ae8778be3eccb9c0eb3e75ffc4d71e as “current”

Commit: 46a191df038244199f83f2bb1235beb8ca137f9a
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Snapshot ID: 20200930-46a191d