Snapshot: 20220928-7027a00

      64-bit x64 for Windows 7 and up 167.3 MB SHA256: 411d9b86c6e4aebfb40bec5874057345a34871188a0056fc405fc91be6ea9dd8 as “current”
      64-bit x64 BC for Windows 7 and up  83.1 MB SHA256: 921dcc58ef9016604ce55dbe17cc1b82e7a20903cf8b90139ae3c72d8e4f76a0 as “current”
      32-bit x86 BC for Windows 7 and up  82.6 MB SHA256: 3feea5e0998580ee7f587588a0725f694d923375d1d6383b85437be4ca340ea3 as “current”
      64-bit Arm for Windows 10 and up 160.2 MB SHA256: 653dbbbc35c1572207c39dd05710da49f5eaa77e869fe4bbdc9e83123cbae4f5 as “current”
   Mac OS
      64-bit Apple Silicon for Mac OS 11 and up 250.2 MB SHA256: bbbff1802e828783dde772ce482136e70be756fea4dc7f18b43fb0d28d3aaf5c as “current”
      64-bit Intel for Mac OS 10.9 and up 261.5 MB SHA256: 68059c134e6bb7abf1ea247b10279ee902d0597bd7a949d2917b52caed5eab62 as “current”
      64-bit Intel BC for Mac OS 10.9 and up  121.5 MB SHA256: b9902e5648e26dc2195f90d414de97c20a47db0ec0f40ad592797c3dd2a49030 as “current”
      32-bit Intel BC for Mac OS 10.6 and up  120 MB SHA256: 176afe36135585e241b4385ee211104d33bdd918e735fd935b729fbf8d9ec2a5 as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 built on Debian 8 236.7 MB SHA256: c284a64f0d36814cf629ccdd13d9b0bea661fe6091ace56c233a6726f04370ad as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 built on Ubuntu 16.04 237.1 MB SHA256: e50d9214fcdae6cc176a396264cbc02d1e5f9d08133408ccd5306c8957543a15 as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 BC built on Debian 8  122.9 MB SHA256: f1f662f776c44fd9b2870e9cba64fed47a9a001bde0791ef03c79d990dbc622a as “current”
      32-bit i386 built on Debian 8 239.3 MB SHA256: 318f3881a53c88d32c8aabca210f967430864dd93adf01df556e3fa264aee0fb as “current”
      32-bit i386 BC built on Debian 8  122.8 MB SHA256: d7de71ca9659434d903bf6543ad4aba1dc5d22b7a29aae8bf9c7e403dec09de0 as “current”
      32-bit ARMv6 VFP built on Raspbian 238.8 MB SHA256: be83fdf1ee0085d37631f3507e2b1e3366a1aef9fe79ae6e4ab423c36cc6d3f2 as “current”
      32-bit ARMv6 VFP BC built on Raspbian  122.6 MB SHA256: a838572f996cfec047930090a1ba2a1866e95e10f7864af785665c0dc994a641 as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 natipkg built on Debian 8  249.4 MB SHA256: e895901f21f79646b53f5403fc061e691c26c3edc39d47d3194e2622a004f98d as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 for pkg-build built on Debian 8  163.8 MB SHA256: 866d43947ec5b652d7c02c3e34fdbaf12a4e19598ea81e9c7c4e4111df3f916f as “current”
      Source 32.2 MB SHA256: 661c5fb78e49a63c1650de3834fd225969ef0d7f9668c05a2e04d848c755c25d as “current”
      Source + built packages  149.4 MB SHA256: 24b666e2e69b3096404e6d677386364018e0c1927bb8e54c3cc1c05b71e8102b as “current”
      Source with versionless path  32.2 MB SHA256: ecd2523e03d24c2552db1edece6d25e9cdd91bfd5401838375c1eedd1ca32edc  
Minimal Racket
      64-bit x64 for Windows 7 and up
         Installer 28.2 MB SHA256: 9818313957a27e0f3a8455ebf4c2b12b75a81261eb3b57955798733ab67010fb as “current”
         Tarball  34.2 MB SHA256: abb9c4d6e34887a877da104f339ca2d7b00d05b74b70f0105a0a4b95410bc1ee as “current”
      64-bit x64 BC for Windows 7 and up
         Installer 8.5 MB SHA256: 5cc82506ee8e3f35f5afc49f2329f9634179f10f70f54b9afba0cc25eea61457 as “current”
         Tarball  11.6 MB SHA256: 48b1028b7118abc59e2a17bb1d179e3692ec2a85148ba030bc55fe714effe861 as “current”
      32-bit x86 BC for Windows 7 and up
         Installer 8.2 MB SHA256: 2eea022cba383bc8897023ad0d77aa0fb19c47a68b05350b83f4cd2098a2124f as “current”
         Tarball  11.2 MB SHA256: f6f36b5eab274facad5c0cd4373baf14221c472d53a75c2cec627d75177ffa1c as “current”
      64-bit Arm for Windows 10 and up
         Installer 26.3 MB SHA256: fc66bc7bcf311780585f2a416250e6877b095cb7138328be9e3938f46d06f135 as “current”
         Tarball  32.5 MB SHA256: 5f631690ca92815068ca5368359bad808c269837792d3c5146dd9aeac11c2261 as “current”
   Mac OS
      64-bit Apple Silicon for Mac OS 11 and up
         Disk Image  34.6 MB SHA256: d295f364609dae6895170ab0eb1003ce7f10b95d3f3b7fc3e8c4c4117cd4c1c1 as “current”
         Installer Package  38.9 MB SHA256: 1f5b6e5abfa176ac83ee3307566d1e94036cb0359bd13d41c6271ff953ccfea5 as “current”
         Tarball  38.9 MB SHA256: 30cadfbdb5c43056dafe7305d8fd55af9dc9082661522f95c03cc6e7b16bc0c6 as “current”
      64-bit Intel for Mac OS 10.9 and up
         Disk Image  36.8 MB SHA256: e4ebc64b0cc49e81461aee455dc206d4add7344c03b7d866648576d4b823c240 as “current”
         Installer Package  39.8 MB SHA256: 21d196fe83784d14d4803e617ad08f4635b0decda7e9eeb3e1b6178f68dcdb6d as “current”
         Tarball  39.8 MB SHA256: be8f0831e9878c06bcc4146f72ad5836ad61c75971f4d94df080b8689592ff29 as “current”
      64-bit Intel BC for Mac OS 10.9 and up
         Disk Image  12.6 MB SHA256: 31f3a6f95a4eb7e93b4a07db41557bd935965cf87a13b861f11d2ac45ed4aabb as “current”
         Installer Package  15.1 MB SHA256: 3ad8cefea0244f00ddc2a67179790c9c9bd2ea7cf4a5ecbcc480771055ecaf93 as “current”
         Tarball  13.3 MB SHA256: 03d5da8dc82533d8bc1c7473149180952e2e4722ead176155ed4f12addc5c435 as “current”
      32-bit Intel BC for Mac OS 10.6 and up
         Disk Image  12.1 MB SHA256: 9d0e0348d8da1104bdf7cf97df9189ae9d83a217238f51c27842a8b581e97210 as “current”
         Installer Package  15 MB SHA256: dcb267098d075a134d2258c7b4ec6a224d56e83bb51b1e767512a131731a5c9d as “current”
         Tarball  13.2 MB SHA256: 9176f9cdabf8abbf735d75c3e73ee70c009c65077bdc4d09722c9bc44c1ecb71 as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 built on Debian 8
         Installer 31.3 MB SHA256: 229d5c4d5114445a48cf6b69c8489df46e0f82b1d5d36288b872a961f5e9295a as “current”
         Tarball  31.3 MB SHA256: 7ffd10a62c97d194b8bb9302ffec7247f5e334abd69016891320ca0ec252e267 as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 built on Ubuntu 16.04
         Installer 31.5 MB SHA256: f92152d1aaad98850a30e07f21a265732b8be77c6ed1182a2e8c81a9e79a5f78 as “current”
         Tarball  31.5 MB SHA256: 45622a484349042d30d00afae3e1830e94424851d60136c68008b09000855ad8 as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 BC built on Debian 8
         Installer 9.7 MB SHA256: e29c7715219ed38146bc481bc578ac8c8936bf77c21e75cf0ebca98037d649d8 as “current”
         Tarball  9.7 MB SHA256: 57f6956a97e0e3832df70da16e731d36bfcef95ee24edc4ba29b35cd0e0e6062 as “current”
      32-bit i386 built on Debian 8
         Installer 30.2 MB SHA256: f6467a4339822e315df46f47845cd2ae8d7897e574d70e966549f1a213661fe2 as “current”
         Tarball  30.2 MB SHA256: f6f19214ab3aa1a917ebfe27294cbfdf1078b9184d53045aa543844f265b02a3 as “current”
      32-bit i386 BC built on Debian 8
         Installer 9.6 MB SHA256: 689944353d493b03f7acdba27896a5a61f8f27fb846c751e376c05f388b4a740 as “current”
         Tarball  9.6 MB SHA256: b323ff6b779deb619e32b5f1bd3ce7b8dc4b7ddd9bd710f3b720c7b55481dc67 as “current”
      32-bit ARMv6 VFP built on Raspbian 42 MB SHA256: d0b742ede09c6249fc56dee9dd6e78e9a645ffe34746d8e69d68aa28e8799710 as “current”
      32-bit ARMv6 VFP BC built on Raspbian  9.1 MB SHA256: ca40d76fef9366af81714c0921c2c0091b54b5a698d4e5b6ac82b0f920e65b29 as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 natipkg built on Debian 8  33.5 MB SHA256: 4809b1a80d4d5c0a8ed628c967ed9808052d5191c16151d1751367104e9b0333 as “current”
      64-bit x86_64 for pkg-build built on Debian 8  25.8 MB SHA256: 0764fed26fca352c259859ac600232adf533046959535785df402e8afce8674b as “current”
   All Platforms
      Source 15.7 MB SHA256: b3727cc70efdfac03594aa817dc5a582aef3da71920391d42168b8a82c19bc15 as “current”
      Source + built libraries  21.8 MB SHA256: 73021184496b021a158231d433cf09d3b0eea721c78a091e13e72cdd478a12bd as “current”
      Source with versionless path  15.7 MB SHA256: 690de1c409c42664da8e71d6d56f252e4d7bf743e1221428bbed13686fc54428  

Commit: 7027a001ee1b9bbb5e48a5bfcf582cb23c0a80c8
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Snapshot ID: 20220928-7027a00