CS1410 Permission Code Request

In order to enroll in CS 1410, you must first have completed CS 1030 or passed the required proficiency test. Math 1210 is a co-requisite for CS 1410.

1410 Lectures

CS 1410-001 (CS majors – taught in Java): Labs 002-011
Calculus I is a required co-requisite for CS 1410 for all CS STUDENTS. If you are not ready for Calc I, please take CS 1410 when you are ready to take it with (or after) Calc I, even if you have passed the CS 1410 proficiency test now. Contact the CS advisor with questions or concerns.


  1. Please check for potential scheduling conflicts before filling out this form. Only one section code will be issued per student.
  2. Choose a lab within a CS lecture. Your code will be issued for the LAB, and it will automatically place you into the lecture:
    CS 1410-001 lab section (002-011)
  3. Fill out the following form. Under “Course Information,” choose the lab section you selected from the course catalog in the step above.

After you submit the permission code form please allow 2-3 business days for us to get back to you.

Please submit one form per CS class.

Student Information - 1410

Format: u0######

Course Information

This form is for CS 1410 only. To request a permission code to register for other courses, please use this form.

Supporting Information

Enter your score from the CS 1030 proficiency test.
When did you (or will you) take Calculus I? Include the semester and year.
Please enter the course name, number, grade, and name of the transfer institution, or your AP score. Credits must be reflected in your DARS.
Please indicate if you are an EAE student, CE student, EE student or CS student. Include any additional information, if necessary.
Use the links found in step 2 above to choose your lab section.