CS 7935: NLP Seminar, Spring 2016

Reading the Classics

Meetings are on Tuesdays from 10:45 AM-12:05 PM in MEB 3105.
(unless otherwised noted)
Date   Topic   Presenter(s)  
1/12 Information and Organization Vivek & Ellen
1/19 Parsing I: Statistical parsing
Three Generative, Lexicalised Models for Statistical Parsing (Collins),
Maybe Charniak if time permits
1/26 Parsing II: Combinatory categorial grammar
Chapter 2 of Julia Hockenmaier's thesis
2/2 The IBM machine translation models:
The Mathematics of Statistical Machine Translation: Parameter Estimation (Brown et al.)
2/9 A bit of progress in language modeling (Goodman) Jie
2/16 PAM (Plan Applier Mechanism) (Wilensky) Anirudh
2/22 Plot Units and Narrative Summarization (Lehnert) Tao
3/1 Interpretation as abduction (Hobbs) Haibo
3/8 Abstract Meaning Representation (AMR) with background on Fillmore's case theory Oliver
3/22 No meeting
3/29 Grounded language understanding: SHRDLU and geoqueries Neetu
4/5 Grice & Searle: Logic and Conversation and Indirect Speech Acts Nishant
4/12 Conversational Dialogue and Language Prediction
(Pickering & Garrod 2004, Pickering & Garrod 2007, and optional: Pickering & Garrod 2013)
Derek Caperton
4/19 TALE-SPIN (Meehan) and On our best behavior (Levesque) Annie
4/26 TBD

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