CS 7935: NLP Seminar, Spring 2020

Meetings are on Tuesdays from 11 AM-12 PM in MEB 3147 (LCR)
(unless otherwised noted)

Date   Paper   Presenter(s)  
1/14 Information and Organization Ellen & Vivek S.
1/21 Probing, I: Probing What Different NLP Tasks Teach Machines about Function Word Comprehension Yu Zhu
1/28 Probing, II: Designing and Interpreting Probes with Control Tasks Adam
2/4 Probing, III: Pathologies of Neural Models Make Interpretations Difficult Tarun
2/18 Common Sense for NLP, I: Social IQA (Sap et al., 2019) Carlos
2/25 Common Sense for NLP, II: How Large are Lions? Inducing Distributions over Quantitative Attributes Jennifer
3/3 Common Sense for NLP, III: "Going on a vacation" takes longer than "Going for a walk": A Study of Temporal Commonsense Understanding John
3/17 CANCELLED (University Closed)
3/24 Common Sense for NLP, IV: Barack's Wife Hillary: Using Knowledge Graphs for Fact-Aware Language Modeling Tianyu
3/31 Logic & NLP, I: A Semantic Loss Function for Deep Learning with Symbolic Knowledge Mattia
4/7 Logic & NLP, II: Learning Logistic Circuits Ashim
4/14 Logic & NLP, III: Be Consistent! Improving Procedural Text Comprehension using Label Consistency Maitrey
4/21 Misc: We need to talk about standard splits Giorgi