CS 7935: NLP Seminar, Spring 2018

Meetings are on Tuesdays from 11 AM-12 PM in MEB 3147 (LCR)
(unless otherwised noted)

Date   Paper   Presenter(s)  
1/9 Information and Organization Vivek & Ellen
1/16 Nominal Compounds I: Lauer thesis Chapter 2.2.1 - 2.2.7 (but can skip over the details of specific theories in 2.2.4) Rush
1/23 Nominal Compounds II: Large-Scale Noun Compound Interpretation Using Bootstrapping and the Web as a Corpus [Kim & Nakov, EMNLP 2011] Joselyn
1/30 Nominal Compounds III: A Taxonomy, Dataset, and Classifier for Automatic Noun Compound Interpretation [Tratz & Hovy, ACL 2010] Pierce
2/13 Nominal Compounds IV: An Unsupervised Ranking Model for Noun-Noun Compositionality [Hermann, Blunsom, and Pulman, *SEM 2012] Xiaoni
2/20 Nominal Compounds Redux: Brainstorming Discussion Everyone
2/27 Question Answering I: Learning Question Classifiers: The Role of Semantic Information [Li and Roth, JNLE 2005] Sumanth
3/6 Question Answering II: SQuAD: 100,000+ Questions for Machine Comprehension of Text [Rajpurkar et al., EMNLP 2016] Tao
3/13 Question Answering III: A Thorough Examination of the CNN/Daily Mail Reading Comprehension Task [Chen et al., ACL 2016] Sumanth
3/27 Question Answering IV: Reading comprehension tests for computer-based understanding evaluation [Wellner et al., JNLE 2005] Rush
4/3 Dialogue I: Chapter 29 from Jurafsky & Martin textbook Pierce
4/10 Dialogue II: Chapter 30 from Jurafsky & Martin textbook Joselyn
4/17 Open Discussion of Future for NLP everyone
4/24 Dialogue III: Trainable Sentence Planning for Complex Information Presentation in Spoken Dialog Systems [Stent et al., ACL 2004] Xiaoni