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A formal technical and cost proposal is required for each subcontractor.
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Note: This question can be marked "No" if the sponsoring agency is a private foundation or non-profit entity that has a published rate that limits the F&A allowed for their awards. In this case, no waiver is required.
Will this project involve the use of sponsor equipment or consultants, require university cost-sharing, generate income, or include the extended absence of key personnel?
Have you discussed any issues with the sponsor - or signed any agreements - related to confidentiality, publications, ownership, data, patents, licenses, or intellectual property?
Will your project require additional university resources for its performance?
Is this proposal a clinical trial?
Have you or anyone involved with this project ever been debarred or suspended from receiving Federal funds, been delinquent on any Federal debt, or used any Federal funds for lobbying activities?
Will any part of your project be conducted in, involve travel to, involve personnel from, or be sponsored by a company from another country?
Will any non-U.S. citizen or non-U.S. permanent resident (e.g. faculty, staff, students, post-doc trainees) assist or be involved with this project in any way?
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Will there be any foreign travel by you or key personnel as part of this project?
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Will your project be subject to approval from the IRB or IACUC?

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