Industrial Adjuncts Program

The School of Computing at the University of Utah invites applications for the position of adjunct professor in our forthcoming Industrial Adjuncts Program (IAP).  Applications for the position should come with a resume/CV as well as a brief (one-page) teaching statement summarizing a course or courses that the applicant would like to teach in the School of Computing.

Applications are due February 18th.

Conceived in response to feedback from the Industrial Advisory Board, the goal of the IAP is to leverage the strengths of industry and to complement the strengths of our faculty in our curriculum.

In addition to applications, we are also requesting comments on how we might use adjunct faculty from industry.  We envision adding new
courses for regular students, such as our successful “Mobile Application Programming” course taught by Matt Stoker of Pixio.  We are also willing to consider new versions of existing courses better suited for those working in industry, such as a non-credit evening section aimed at people who want to refresh their knowledge.  We will give full consideration to all proposals.

In formulating a teaching statement for the application, we encourage you to provide the following:

  • If it is a new course, what would be covered in the course, and what prerequisites are desirable (either in terms of other courses or
  • How should the course be conducted, in terms of lectures, homework, or projects? (Is there a textbook that you can recommend?)
  • If it is a new section of an existing course, how might it differ from the regular course, besides having a non-credit option?

In addition, please let us know your technical and academic background, whether you have taught a university course before, when you would be available to teach a course, and what support you might need from our faculty.  That could range from co-teaching a course to informal help on developing a course syllabus, discussing possible exam questions, and advice on grading.

For approved applications, we expect to provide an appointment at a rank commensurate experience; mentoring to all members of the IAP, and
remuneration in accordance with the policies of the University of Utah and the School of Computing.

We are especially interested in courses that would be taught during the Summer 2015 term.  In past years, we have not offered any advanced
classes for our students, so there is a good opportunity especially for courses for graduate students.   The course could either be for the full term (May 18-August 5) or for half the term (either May 18-June 24 or June 25-August 5).  We are also interested in full-term courses for Fall 2015 at this time.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss this, please contact Matt Might (