LCPC 2018, Salt Lake City, Utah

LCPC 2018 - Program

Tuesday, 09 Oct 2019 - WEB 1250

8am – 12pmRegistration, WEB Atrium
10:15-10:30amOpening Remarks, Mary Hall
10:30-11:00amContinuation Marks: Compiler-Visible and Concurrency-Friendly Reflection on Control, Matthew Flatt
11:00-11:30amSuperoptimizing LLVM, John Regehr
11:30-12:00pmThe Tensor Algebra Compiler, Saman Amarasinghe
1:30-2:00pmA Unified Approach to Variable Renaming for Enhanced Vectorization, Prasanth Chatarasi, Jun Shirako, Albert Cohen and Vivek Sarkar
2:00-2:30pmDesign and Performance Analysis of Real-time Dynamic Streaming Applications, Xuan Khanh Do, Stephane Louise and Albert Cohen
2:30-3:00pmA Similarity Measure for GPU Kernel Subgraph Matching, Robert Lim, Boyana Norris and Allen Malony
3:15-4:00pmSnacks & Drinks
4:00-4:30pmProgramming Model and Compiler Extensions for Unifying Asynchronous Tasks, Futures, and Events, Vivek Sarkar
5:00-6:00pmPosters, Catmull Gallery

Wednesday, 10 Oct 2019 - WEB 1250

8am – 8:30amBreakfast
8:30-9:00amThe Sparse Polyhedral Framework: Composing Compiler-Generated Inspector-Executor code, Michelle Strout
9:00-9:30amCache Analysis and Optimization Based on Reuse-time Distribution, Chen Ding
9:30-10:00amNew Opportunities for Compilers in Computer Security, Alex Viedenbaum and Alex Nicolau
11:15-11:35amFootmark: A New Working Set Definition, Liang Yuan, Wesley Smith, Zixu Chen, Sicong Fan, Chen Ding and Yunquan Zhang
11:35-11:55amTowards an Achievable Performance for the Loop Nests, Aniket Shivam, Neftali Watkinson, Alex Nicolau, David A. Padua and Alex Veidenbaum
1:30-2:00pmPutting Parallelizing Compilers into the Toolbox of Computational Scientists, Rudi Eigenmann
2:00-2:30pmQuantifying and Reducing Execution Variance in STMs via Model Driven Commit Optimization, Santosh Pande
2:30-3pmSnacks & Drinks
3:00-3:30pmExtending Index-Array Properties for Data Dependence Analysis, Mahdi Soltan Mohammadi, Kazem Cheshmi, Maryam Mehri Dehnavi, Anand Venkat, Tomofumi Yuki and Michelle Mills Strout
3:30-4:00pmOptimized Sound and Complete Data Race Detection in Structured Parallel Programs, Jacob Powell, Kyle Storey, Ben Ogles, Joshua Hooker, Peter Aldous and Eric Mercer
4:00-4:20pmLoop Optimization Framework, Michael Kruse
4:20-4:40pmCompiler Optimizations For Parallel Programs, Johannes Doerfert and Hal Finkel
4:40-5:00pmProposal of a Common Loop Transformation Interface from a Case Study of Loop Unrolling on the CPU, GPU, and FPGA, Zheming Jin and Hal Finkel
5:30-7:00pmThe living room (Hike), Adjacent to Dinner
7:00-8:00pmDinner, Red Butte Gardens

Thursday, 11 Oct 2019 - WEB 1250

8:30-9:00amUPC++, Scott Baden
9:00-9:30amMATE, a Unified Model for Communication-Tolerant Scientific Applications, Sergio Martin and Scott Baden
9:30-10:00amGASNet-EX: A High-Performance, Portable Communication Library for Exascale, Dan Bonachea and Paul Hargrove
10:30-11:00amNested Parallelism with Algorithmic Skeletons, Alireza Majidi, Nathan Thomas, Timmie Smith, Nancy Amato and Lawrence Rauchwerger
11:00-11:20amHDArray: Parallel Array Interface for Distributed Heterogeneous Devices, Hyun Dok Cho, Okwan Kwon and Samuel Midkiff
11:20-11:40amAutomating the Exchangeability of Shared Data Abstractions, Jiange Zhang, Qian Wang, Qing Yi and Humin Cui
4:00-4:30pmTuning without Auto-Tuning, Martin Kong
12:30-1:30pmBox Lunch