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Director of Graduate Studies

Ganesh Gopalakrishnan


Leslie Wallwork (MS, PhD, and MSD)
Vicki Jackson (Combined BS/MS)


Setting up a computer account – send email please create a username 3-8 letters (common are last name, first name, first initial and last name, etc)

Feeling Sick? If you get sick or have a medical condition that needs attention, please go to the Madsen Health Center first. The co-pay(fee) is $10.00 and there is no additional charge for the visit. If it’s deemed necessary that you need to see an additional doctor, you will receive a referral, and other visits to medical professional involve additional charges.

For illnesses that occur when the center is closed, please go to Redwood Urgent Care. For EMERGENCIES, and for treatment when the Redwood Urgent Care center is closed, go to the nearest Emergency Room.


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ID Card Works as bus, TRAX, and Front Runner train pass. Take ID card to Marriott Library and have activated as library card.