The Application

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Application Fee
For domestic students, PhD $0, MS $30
For international students, PhD $25, MS $45

Explanations of features of the On-line Application:

Program Information Page

1. Program Interest – Here you will select Computer Science MS or PhD, or Computing MS or PhD
2. Emphasis Area or Track – Here you will Select your three top choices for research areas. For further information on the emphasis areas, please consult our faculty pages at

The Emphasis Areas for the Computer Science Degrees are:

– Algorithms and Computational Geometry
– Data Management and Analysis
– Educational Software
– Formal Methods including verification tools, Logic, Theorem Proving and Industrial Applications
– Graphics
– Hardware systems including Architecture and VLSI
– Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
– Image Analysis
– Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing
– Networking, Embedded Systems, and Operating Systems
– Programming Languages and Compilers
– Robotics
– Scientific Computing, Parallel Computing, Computational Science Applications and Software Architecture
– Visualization

The Emphasis Areas for the Computing Tracks are:

Computer Engineering
Data Management and Analysis
Graphics and Visualization
Human-centered Computing (HCC)
Image Analysis
Scientific Computing
Program Concentration Page

1. Again, please select Computer Science MS or PhD, or Computing MS or PhD in the pull down box.On the same page, all MS students must select a Thesis/Non-Thesis option in the “area of interest” pulldown box.
2. Faculty Members – Please select up to three faculty members who you would like to study with. Make sure you peruse their portfolios beforehand so you can choose a professor in your emphasis area.
Other Fields

GPA – If your GPA is not calculated on a 4.0 scale, please enter the number as stated on your transcript. Our department and the international admissions will calculate the equivalent GPA.

Social Security Number (SSN) – If you don’t have this, please leave field blank.

Please read instructions carefully before beginning the application process, once application is completed please review before submitting.
Thanks for applying!