Financial Support and Costs

Financial Support for PhD students

PhD students in the School of Computing receive financial support while they are in the program, conditional on good progress. Financial support comes in three basic forms:

  • Fellowship: If you are admitted with a fellowship, you are supported by the department during your first two semesters.
  • Research assistantship: You are paid to work with a research group.
  • Teaching assistantship: You are paid in order to help support a course, for example running lab sections, grading homework, and doing office hours.

Consideration for financial support is a part of the process of reviewing applications; see After You Apply for more information on how applications are reviewed.

Financial Support for MS Students

MS students have the opportunity to apply for teaching assistantships with the department, or approach individual faculty members about research assistantships.

Tuition & Fees

Students who are financially supported by the School or Computing are eligible for a tuition waiver. This means that if we give you a fellowship or pay you as a teaching assistant or a research assistant, you do not have to pay tuition, but you will be responsible for the Differential ($83.26 per credit for College of Engineering courses) and the International Student Fee (if applicable). MS students can get the tuition waiver for two years. PhD students who enter the program with a BS degree can get the tuition waiver for five years. Students who enter the program with an MS degree can get the tuition waiver for four years.

If you do not get a tuition waiver, then you must pay tuition fees:

International student fee: $150 per semester

Living Expenses

The University of Utah campus is just next to downtown; public transportation is readily available and the cost of living is low comparable to most cities.

Link to Estimated Expenses for Graduate Students