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This page is intended to be the developer's main point of entry into the Alpha_1 on-line documentation.

Alpha_1 Documentation

About the Documentation

The Alpha_1 Web documentation is a collection of documents (or "pages") in HTML hypertext form for on-line viewing. The manual is mainly organized as hierarchies of pages. Each major hierarchy of documentation has a title and an associated image which is at the top of each HTML page. Immediately following this header is the title of the page itself. At the bottom of each page, with the exception of top level pages such as this one, is a small logo which is a hyperlink to the next level up in the hierarchy.

Note: Inline images are used in some of the HTML documentation for illustrations and equations. Such inline images are typically in transparent GIF format with a black foreground. Thus, these documents are most readable if you are using a black foreground on a light background for your html browser. If you are having a difficulty reading these documents, see the X/Motif Resources page for a set of X resources for Mosaic that will work well with this documentation.

Alpha_1 Developer's Manual. Version 95.06.
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