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Feature Sketch

Fsketch is a Tcl/Tk based GUI for features. It is similar to the shape3d program in that it has interactive 3D viewing and c_shape_edit combined into one program. There are addition menus and graphical interactions for create and modifying features.


Here are some notes on using fsketch:


fsketch has a c_shape_edit toploop. Use "set-variable" in emacs to
change "scl-pgm" to be "fsketch" and run in like c_shape_edit from
emacs. There is a "Save Model" menu entry (File menu) which groups all
the features made thus far into a group called "sketchgroupN" (where N
gets incremented each time) and saves to a file. This can come in
handy for looking at all the SCL code via c_shape_edit ( printpgm(
sketchgroup0 ); for example).

Linking objects:

Select feature and (new) anchor
Select "Make object link" from menu

Creates a new copy of the feature with at the new anchor location.
These are "linked" via dependencies so modifying the original modifies
the new one as well (changing the handles, that is).

Dragging anchors:

Use shift-left-mouse on an anchor and you can drag an anchor. Click on
the direction vector you want to drag along. Use ctl-shift-left to
rotate and anchor about the axis you click on.

Making addition stock
Select and anchor first, then choose from stock menu.

Making linked anchors

Select anchor DIRECTION. Choose "make linked anchor" from menu and you
get an offset anchor (by the direction you picked). Can then drag to
further position.

If you select an anchor direction AND another object, "make linked
anchor" will ray cast to get a linked anchor on the other object.

To make an anchor at the back of a bar stock (for instance) select the
bar's anchor (should be pointing in) and the bar itself and choose
"make linked anchor". The new anchor will be tied to the bottom of the
bar stock (you must flip it to point in).

Linking handles
Use Shift (and Ctl-Shift) to select handles. Then choose 
"make handle link" to tie dimensions.

Don't use it!

Patterns and handles

If you show the object that is instanced in a pattern (via SCL) you
can select it and turn on and off handles etc. There appears to be no
way to get this object shown via the GUI. fsketch names the object (at
least for holes and profile sides) and you can see the name
in the Scl input window if you select the pattern.

All anchors have a set of planes for sketching curves on.


Name anchors so you don't get confused as to what your looking at
(easy to do). Unshow handles and anchors as much as possible to avoid
accidentally selecting them.  Use make-linked-anchor to tie
dependecies together. Select an object and use the Scl input window to
fix things when you shoot yourself in the foot :-)

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