GDC Images Geometric Design and Computation
These images represent some of the activities of the GDC group. They are grouped by category and then in rough reverse chronological order. More information on many of the images can be found on the GDC-Projects page.


The GDC group has actively pursued a variety of interesting interface concepts, such as a haptic Virtual Prototyping project, an immersive telepresence interface, and a sketching interface for mechanical design.


Rendering allows us to communicate designs and concepts to others, as well as simulate the visual behavior of prototypes.

Solid Modeling

Solid modeling is the basis for much of our work. Some model representations do not support certain operations, we strive for a flexible, accurate representation.

Shape Design

Operators that provide access to the power of a model representation are the goal of shape design. Our modeling language expresses many design operations in a high-level fashion.

Simulation, Animation and Dynamics

Simulations allow designers to validate models early in the design process.

Last update: January 7, 2000