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The Geometric Design and Computation group is engaged in both fundamental and applied research in developing methods for representing, specifying, manipulating, and visualizing geometric models. The group has projects ranging from early conceptual design methods to innovative manufacturing processes and from detail modeling applications to large-scale assembly systems. Supporting these applications is fundamental work on surface and model representation, computational geometry, topology, differential geometry, and numerical methods.

Collaborations and Support

This project is a Utah State Center of Excellence. The group's research and facilities are sponsored by ARPA, NSF, the NSF STC for Computer Graphics and Scientific Visualization, and various industrial sponsors.
We along with Brown, Caltech, Cornell, and UNC-CH compose the NSF/ARPA Science and Technology Center for Computer Graphics and Scientific Visualization. As such, we have 24 hour televideo communication with the other sites and participate in ongoing collaborative research projects.
In cooperation with members of the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering our group has applied geometric algorithms to research on process planning and manufacturing issues for both traditional (milling, turning, CMM, EDM), and innovative (layer technology) manufacturing processes.
Research in the area of design and manufacturing process integration is carried out through the ARPA Concurrent Integrated Design and Manufacture and the DARPA Multiphase Integrated eNgineering Design projects.
We also engage in collaborative research with the Scientific Computing and Imaging group and the Vision and Robotics group at the University of Utah. One such project, sponsored by NSF, is the Virtual Prototyping of Mechanical Assemblies project.


Faculty leading the Geometric Design and Computation Group offer courses on Geometric Design, Graphics, and Modeling. We also help run a summer computing course for high school students.


Local Research Laboratory Facilities include:

More Information

For more information about the Geometric Design and Computation Group
contact Rich Riesenfeld at:
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Email: rfr@cs.utah.edu
Phone: (801) 581-7026
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