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Class utah.npm.core.Cond


public final class  Cond
     extends Refable
          // Constructors 2
     public Cond();
     public Cond(int);

          // Methods 6
     public void broadcast();
     public void destroy();
     public void finalize();
     public void signal();
     public String toString();
     public void wait(Mutex);

Cond implements the NPM specified Condition Variable object. Cond objects are guaranteed to exist in the typespace of all Processes and to work across Process boundaries.

TODO: CPU Inheritance scheduling support

NPMJava 0.5.0 April, 1998
Patrick Tullmann


· Cond

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   public Cond() 

· Cond

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   public Cond(int hashCode) 


· wait

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   public void wait(Mutex mutex) 

The current thread will block on this condition variable until some other thread issues a signal. The associated mutex must be locked. It is the responsibility of the application to correctly associate a mutex with a condition variable. The mutex will be reacquired when the thread is woken. There may be spurious wakeups.

Parameter Description
mutex The locked mutex to unlock when blocking and reacquire when awoken.

· signal

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   public void signal() 

Wake a single thread blocked on this condition variable. "Unused" signals are not saved.

· broadcast

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   public void broadcast() 

Wake all threads currently blocked on this condition variable.

· destroy

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   public void destroy() 

Destroy this condition variable. Any outstanding references to this object will be nullified.

· toString

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   public String toString() 

Return the string representation of this condition variable.

the string "Cond Var".

· finalize

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   public void finalize() 

The finalizer called if the GC system collects this object. Simply calls destroy()

See Also: destroy

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