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Class utah.npm.core.Refable


abstract class  Refable
     extends utah.npm.core.NPMObject
          // Constructors 1
     public Refable();

          // Methods 4
     public void destroy();
     public void finalize();
     public Reference reference(Reference);
     void s_init(int);

A package-only abstract class that extends an NPMObject to support NPM References.

Adds the public method reference to the object's interface.

TODO: should provide package-only methods for maintaining the Reference list. Addtionally, should extend the destroy() method to clean up the list of outstanding references.

NPMJava 0.5.0 April, 1998
Patrick Tullmann

See Also: NPMObject

  Cross Reference

Extended By:
Cond, MemPool, Mutex, Port, PortSet, Space, Thread

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· Refable

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   public Refable() 


· s_init

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   void s_init(int hashCode) 

Special object initialization. This method is only called once per object.

GROAN: This method should be "protected", but then non-NPM subclasses could call it. I want a protected+package access control (e.g, only subclasses in this package can see this method.)

s_init in class NPMObject

· reference

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   public Reference reference(Reference ref) 

Associate given Reference with this NPM object.

Parameter Description
ref The reference to associate with this object.

Returns the reference passed in.

· destroy

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   public void destroy() 

Null out any outstanding references to this object.

destroy in class NPMObject

· finalize

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   public void finalize() 

Finalize this object (just calls destroy)

finalize in class NPMObject

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