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Class utah.npm.core.NPMObject


abstract class  NPMObject
     extends utah.npm.core.Lockable
          // Fields 12
     static final int CondType;
     static final int MemPoolType;
     static final int MutexType;
     public static final int NPM_HASH_DEFAULT;
     static final int PortSetType;
     static final int PortType;
     static final int ReferenceType;
     static final int SpaceType;
     static final int ThreadType;
     private boolean active_;
     private int hashCode_;
     private String label_;

          // Constructors 1
     public NPMObject();

          // Methods 13
     static String typeName();

     public final Object clone() throws CloneNotSupportedException, OutOfMemoryError;
     public void debug_label(String);
     public void destroy();
     public void finalize();
     public int hashCode();
     public void move(Reference, Reference);
     void s_assertActive() throws InvalidObjectException;
     int s_hashCode();
     void s_init(int);
     boolean s_isActive();
     abstract int s_type();
     public abstract String toString();

NPMObject is the base class for all NPM objects.

NPMJava 0.5.0 April, 1998
Patrick Tullmann

  Cross Reference

Extended By:
Refable, Reference


· hashCode_

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   private int hashCode_

The hashCode_ of this object.

· active_

Summary  |  Top
   private boolean active_

Flag to indicate whether this object has been destroyed or not.


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   public static final int NPM_HASH_DEFAULT

Default hash code for new NPM objects.

· PortType

Summary  |  Top
   static final int PortType

Define "types" for each kind of NPM object. these types are not used outside of the package, users can use the Class of each object to do their own checks. I would have like to use static Class references here, but initialization proved to be a sadistic pain in the butt. Perhaps if I went native...

· PortSetType

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   static final int PortSetType

· ThreadType

Summary  |  Top
   static final int ThreadType

· SpaceType

Summary  |  Top
   static final int SpaceType

· MemPoolType

Summary  |  Top
   static final int MemPoolType

· CondType

Summary  |  Top
   static final int CondType

· MutexType

Summary  |  Top
   static final int MutexType

· ReferenceType

Summary  |  Top
   static final int ReferenceType

· label_

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   private String label_


· NPMObject

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   public NPMObject() 


· s_init

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   void s_init(int hashCode) 

· destroy

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   public void destroy() 

Destroy this object. At this level that simply means setting the active_ flag to false.

· hashCode

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   public int hashCode() 

Return the hashCode associated with this object. Hashcodes default to the standard Java hashcode, unless overridden at object creation time. Hashcodes are read-only once the object is created.

the integer hashcode associated with this object.
hashCode in class Object

· s_hashCode

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   int s_hashCode() 

Return the hashCode associated with this object. This is the package-level interface to this object. No locking is required as this is a read-only value.

· move

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   public void move(Reference srcPool, 
                    Reference destPool) 

Move this object from one MemPool into target MemPool. XXX: Not implmented, probably not necessary.

· s_isActive

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   boolean s_isActive() 

Determine if the current object is alive or not.

true if this is active, false if not.

· s_assertActive

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   void s_assertActive()  throws InvalidObjectException

Throw NPMInvalidObject if this object has been destroyed.

· toString

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   public abstract String toString() 
toString in class Object

· finalize

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   public void finalize() 

Finalize this object. Simply calls destroy.

finalize in class Object

See Also: destroy

· clone

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   public final Object clone()  throws CloneNotSupportedException, OutOfMemoryError

No NPM object supports clone().

clone in class Object

See Also: Object.clone

· typeName

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   static String typeName() 

· s_type

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   abstract int s_type() 

Return the type of this NPM object. The Class of the object is used to represent its type.

The type of this object (its class.)

· debug_label

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   public void debug_label(String name) 

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