New ANTS release from Utah

June 1, 1998

The Flux group at Utah is developing a standalone node OS for active networks based on the OSKit, a new JVM supporting hierarchical processes, ANTS, and new resource control mechanisms. The emphasis is on local resource management and security.

However, ANTS 1.2's execution model is not well suited to providing per-protocol resource control. Therefore, one of our students, Godmar Back (, has begun to change ANT's structure and execution model, resulting in extensive modifications and an interim code snapshot. One change begins to separate node OS services from the ANTS run-time; he also made a number of infrastructure improvements. These changes should be useful in many environments.

Godmar has prepared both a new ANTS release and a document describing his changes and their rationale. You can download or peruse these from

We've been in touch with Dave Wetherall, who is optimistic about incorporating these changes into the mainline, when he gets the time.

Here's the "Summary of changes" from Godmar's document:

Jay Lepreau
University of Utah