Undergraduate Data Certificates

We believe any student at the University of Utah wanting to incorporate data into their degree plans will be able to do so — regardless of major!

What is data science?

The worlds of science, engineering, and business are now reliant on data-driven analysis and decision making.  Data Science is the 21st century discipline formalizing this process, and making enormous impacts in new scientific discoveries, engineering how the world works, and driving business decisions which power much of our economic growth.  A data scientist is one who can weave a complete story with data, from its humble and messy beginnings, through its maturation via sophisticated analysis, and concluding with an explanation of its real-world impact. 

According to a June 2021 Forbes article, “The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics sees strong growth for data science jobs skills in its prediction that the data science field will grow about 28% through 2026.”

Data is everywhere, and so are the opportunities with data in multiple fields!

The University of Utah offers two undergraduate certificates related to data science:

The Undergraduate Certificate in Data Science is meant for students seeking to learn the basics in data understanding, processing, and analysis, and was designed for those pursuing degrees in a STEM program. Calculus experience is assumed for this certificate.

The Undergraduate Certificate in Data Fluency is meant to provide students a basic understanding and exposure of areas within data, and the ability to relate these topics to their main focus of study.

Have questions? Email DS-ugshelp@cs.utah.edu for assistance.

Undergraduate Certificate Forms and Resources

The current electives approved to satisfy certificate requirements can be reviewed by accessing our online resource.

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