School of Computing Mission

    • Excellence in research-achieved by tackling problems of real-world complexity – with the potential for significant long-term impact on the fields of computer science and multidisciplinary computing;
    • Excellence in education, providing the nation with computer scientists having a core of knowledge allowing them to adapt to a rapidly changing technology and providing industry, universities and government with the next generation of leaders in the field;
  • Excellence in working with industry, government, educators and the community to advance computing and to serve the needs of these organizations and groups.

Undergraduate Student Population

396 enrolled in CS major status
110 enrolled in CE major status

Graduate Student Population

144 enrolled in CS MS program
195 enrolled in CS PhD program

Primary Research Areas

Algorithms and Computational Geometry
Architecture and VLSI
Data, Databases and Information Management
Formal Methods and Verification
Graphics and Animation
Image Analysis
Human Computer Interaction
Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing
Networking, Embedded Systems, and Operating Systems
Parallel Computing
Programming Languages and Compilers
Scientific Computing


Founded by 3 Electrical Engineering faculty members in 1965
David Evans served as first chair
Faculty reached 10 FTE by 1985
Faculty doubled to 20 by 1996
School of Computing created in 2000

School History

The School of Computing (until 2000 the Computer Science Department) at the University of Utah has a long history of distinguished faculty and alumni who have made substantial contributions to research and industry. The following history page represents a brief overview of some of the most well-known people and their work.

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