A Message from the School

Dear School of Computing Community,

The brutal murder of George Floyd has horrified us all. The violence surrounding the resulting demonstrations has left many of us angry and confused about the state of our society and our nation. We at the School of Computing realize that our feelings and thoughts about these events are made even more difficult by the months of isolation and concern that we have been experiencing due to the COVID19 pandemic. If you find these challenging circumstances upsetting, we would like you to know that all of us are undergoing significant emotional challenges during these times. You are not alone. The faculty and staff of the School of Computing share your concerns, and we care about you.

The recent string of deaths of people of color are only the latest symptoms of a systemic problem of bias and hatred. Black Americans, in particular, have suffered from racist violence for generations and injustices that are, unfortunately, built into the foundations of our country. Black lives do matter, and yet this basic truth has not been properly reflected in our culture and society. We as an organization and as individuals have inherited a legacy of these biases and attitudes, and this legacy hinders us from becoming the kind of place and the kind people we need to be. We cannot be welcoming and fair to everyone until we understand and overcome these problems with our society, our organization, and ourselves. Thus, these horrible events serve as a reminder, or a wake up call, that we need to work harder in order to understand what victims of discrimination, bias, and violence are experiencing and what we can do to help.

There are two things we would like you to take out of this message. First, we at the School of Computing will need your help in the coming months as we strive to become a more inclusive, welcoming place for all students, staff, and faculty. This means we would like you to help us identify problems as you see them and to give us constructive feedback on how we can improve our practices, attitudes, and communication. We hope you will paricipate in activities that can help us better understand your needs and our own shortcomings.

The second thing we want you to take from this message is that if you feel you would like to talk to someone about your thoughts or feelings about all of this, please reach out to any of us in the School. Our faculty and our advisors would be happy to talk with you and to help in any way we can. Our friends in the University Counseling Center are also available as you need them (https://counselingcenter.utah.edu).

Please stay well. We are looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you in the classroom this fall.

Yours truly,

Qingyao Ai, Assistant Professor
Rajeev Balasubramonian, Professor
Aditya Bhaskara, Assistant Professor
Mahdi Bojnordi, Assistant Professor
Erik Brunvand, Associate Professor
Rogelio Cardona-Rivera, Assistant Professor
Tammy Denning, Assistant Professor
Eric Eide, Research Associate Professor
Matthew Flatt, Professor
Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, Professor
Mary Hall, Professor
Charles Hansen, Distinguished Professor
David Hanscom, Emeritus Professor
Tom Henderson, Professor
Tucker Hermans, Assistant Professor
Chris Johnson, Distinguished Professor
David Johnson, Assistant Professor, Lecturer
Ben Jones, Assistant Professor, Lecturer
Ladislav Kavan, Associate Professor
Bob Kessler, Professor
Mike Kirby, Professor
Marina Kogan, Assistant Professor
Daniel Kopta, Assistant Professor, Lecturer
Alan Kuntz, Assistant Professor
Alex Lex, Assistant Professor
Miriah Meyer, Associate Professor
Pavel Panchekha, Assistant Professor
Erin Parker, Associate Professor, Lecturer
Jeff Phillips, Associate Professor
Zvonimir Rakamaric, Associate Professor
John Regehr, Professor
Rob Ricci, Research Associate Professor
Ellen Riloff, Professor
P. Saday Sadayappan, Professor
Vivek Srikumar, Assistant Professor
Jim de St. Germain, Professor, Lecturer
Ryan Stutsman, Assistant Professor
Hari Sundar, Assistant Professor
Kobus Van der Merwe, Associate Professor
Suresh Venkatasubramanian, Professor
Bei Wang-Phillips, Assistant Professor
Ross Whitaker, Professor
Eliane Wiese, Assistant Professor
Jason Wiese, Assistant Professor
R. Michael Young, Professor
Cem Yuksel, Associate Professor
Joe Zachary, Professor, Lecturer
Mu Zhang, Assistant Professor