Kris:   Kris Zyp was born in Oregon City. He grew up and went to high school in Molalla. He received his Bachelors degree at Oregon State and his Masters degree at University of Utah. 

He now works as a database web consultant and as the missions director at Timber Valley Bible Church.

In his spare time Kris enjoys pushing his body to the limit. He does this through many different venues including, but not limited to rock climbing, mountain biking, snowboarding, and mountain climbing.



Mission work in Nepal


Ice climbing in Provo, Utah.


Playing the guitar in Colton, Oregon.


Bouldering in Zion Nat Park.


Jeremy, my sister, and I in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.


Climbing near SLC, Utah.


Snowboarding in Utah


Climbing near SLC, Utah


Snowshoeing/Snowboarding at Three Finger Jack (Santiam pass, OR)

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