CS 6620
CS 6620

Project 10 - Soft Shadows and Glossy Surfaces

Render Result

Soft shadow and glossy surface has been implemented for the ray tracer.

One bug was encountered when the circular sample plane for the light source was generated in the wrong fashion. Shadow would only occur at certain angles

Soft Shadow Sampling Error

There are two reflection issue I noticed during the implementation. There is a black strip on the sky reflection and the reflection on the teapot seems to be brighter than others result

Reflection Bug

Random Sampling and Halton Sequences are both implemented for sampling a glossy surface. Comparison is listed below.

Halton Sampling at 16x
Random Sampling at 16x
Halton Sampling at 32x
Random Sampling at 32x
Halton Sampling at 64x
Random Sampling at 64x
Halton Sampling at 128x
Random Sampling at 128x

The difference is subtle between the two methods. But personally I do think the Halton sequence has better quality at lower sample count.

Specs & Rendering Time

8 Threads, BVH Enabled, Adaptive Sample Range [8, 128]: 00:02:42

i7 7700HQ @ 2.8 GHz, 16GB LPDDR3 2133MHz

macOS High Sierra 10.13

Sample Count
Z Buffer