Personal Information

I grew up in Beijing and received my B.S. from Peking University in 1991. Then I came to the U.S. for my graduate study, obtained an M.S. (Physics) from Ohio State University and an M.E. (Computer Science) from University of Utah.

Upon graduation in 1996, I joined the OPUS (Open Parallel Unisys Server) team at Unisys Corporation, responsible for writing Unix command utilities and SCSI device drivers. After that, I was recruited by LSI Logic Corporation. At LSI Logic, I ported Windows CE to MIPS-based microprocessors, developed device drivers for LSI Logic evaluation boards, implemented board support packages for real-time operating systems (VxWorks and pSOS), and created an interactive web-based database system for bug-tracking. Then I worked for Enterasys Networks Corporation on a high-end router product where I led the switch fabric integration effort and multicast protocol development. 

To pursue my strong interest in research, I resumed my PhD study in 1999. Much of my PhD work was done while still working full-time as a software engineer. Having been exposed to both science and engineering, I have learned first hand how science can support better engineering and how real world problems can motivate scientific questions.

Currently I'm a member of Microsoft Research.