Image Synthesis Class

Homework 8:

Implement explicit direct (in addition to indirect) lighting and show the results using the Cornell Box.

NOTE: All images are gamma corrected with gamma 2.

Indirect lighting in the Cornell Box
with 64000 samples per pixel.
(Computation Time: ~85 hours)

Explicit direct and indirect lighting in
the Cornell Box with 1000 samples per
pixel. (Computation Time: ~150 min)

And this is the Cornell Box on drugs....
(64 samples per pixel, heightfields on
the walls)

Light Intensity: Low
(Spectral Values: 3)
Light Intensity: Mid
(Spectral Values: 5)
Light Intensity: High
(Spectral Values: 10)
Rays per pixel: 1000
Rays per pixel: 343
Rays per pixel: 216
Rays per pixel: 125
Rays per pixel: 64
Rays per pixel: 27
Rays per pixel: 8
Rays per pixel: 1

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